Friday, September 8, 2017

Bottle of Stories (34)

Someone bump on Jayson but didn't really care.


The guy doesn't seem to hear. He's focused on the lady that's walking infront of him. He walks nearer to the lady, then he steals the bag that the lady was holding.

"Help! Help!" The lady screamed.

Jayson run towards the thief and throw something to his head, a bakya. Before the guy even steal, he already get it from the store beside him. He kick the thief once. The guy returns the bag to the lady.

Rey and Annie is speechless how things happened so fast.


"Good morning teacher. Good morning classmates. I'm sorry I'm late." Rey said following Annie that also said the same thing.

"Okay, you may sit down." The teacher said.


"Why are you late?" the teacher asked with a trace smile.

One student raise his hand.

"They go on a date with each other."

"What?!" The two reacted.

The class laughed.

"No..." *Annie

Thursday, September 7, 2017

UTAU: Zhein's Profile [Update.2]


Age: 13

Height: 5'1
Weight: ?
Birthday: February 01, 2003
Realease date: July 12, 2016
Country: Philippines
Likes: Any clothes with collar, technology, blue
Dislikes: Cold places or foods

-Redistrubuting is not allowed.
-Zhein doesn't have a gender so she can sing both female and male songs. (yeah...)
-Making derivative characters/voices using Zhein is not allowed.
-Claiming the voicebank as yours is not allowed

Zhein CV
-CV Voicebank
-romaji encoded
-hiragana aliased
-recorded in Audacity (and an overheating laptop)
-freq avg: 269.4 Hz (C#4)
-logical range: E3~B4

-ra1, re1, ri1, ro1, ru1 are uhhh..... I tried to sing/speak/say it in english. (Zhein CV)
-Don't use ri1

(Released date: July 12, 2016) (Update: September 7, 2017)

Zhein 2017
-CV Voicebank
-Romaji encoded
-Hiragana aliased
-Recorded in audacity
-freq avg: 216.0 Hz (A3)
-logical range: C#3~A#4

-Adding 1 for different results (Other recordings don't have this so try checking the vb settings first)
-If you see "hh ba ba be bi bo bu hh", just let it be there. Its unfinished and I have no plan to continue it because it's hard.
-Capable of singing filipino songs
-r'a, r'e, r'i, r'o, r'u for english
 ra, re, ri, ro, ru (ra F, re F, ri F, ro F, ru F,) for filipino/japanese
 rra, rre, rri, rro, rru for filipino/japanese
-la, le, li, lo, lu is aliased to ら れ り ろ る but rya, rye, ryo, ryu is used instead for りゃ  りょ  
-This VB has some VC and CCV

(Released date: July 8, 2017) (Update: September 7, 2017)

Zhein VCV
-VCV Voicebank
-Romaji encoded 
-Hiragana and romaji aliased
-Recorded in Oremo
-Reclist used: 2-mora
-freq avg: 242.7 Hz (B3)
-logical range: D#3~F5

-It can be both used to vcv and cv (hiragana and romaji aliased)
-Extra recordings added = VCV aeioun: (- ng, - ng(v), - r(v), - m)
-To activate the R's 'should use double rr or ad F (example: rra, a rra, raF, a raF)
-The recordings in the folder "extra" are the late recordings (what?)

-Started at August 14

(Released date: September 7, 2017) (Update: September 20, 2017)

If there are problems in the voicebank; notes not playing when using fresamp for example, feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix it. (Especially the Zhein VCV)

The solution to this is re oto'ing the voice sample. (cuz I face this problems too...)

(This is not official (Just to have pic on the list haha))

(I'll try to make more art...)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bottle of Stories (33)


After they arrive to their destination, they exchange 1 gold coin to the pawn shop. They get enough money and they start walking.

"So, this is the place you called "your world" huh?" Jayson said. He's a little disappointed on how the place look because of the smell of the gas that the jeepney makes and how noisy the surrounding is.

"Yeah." Rey responded.

"It's so noisy."

"Haha. Hey Annie can I have a look on your phone?"

Annie gave the broken phone to Rey. Rey stop walking after seeing the phone and say, "Are you sure this can be fixed." The two also stopped walking. *Annie "We need to fix it or else..."

"It's impossible." He said seriously.

"We need to buy a new one."


They enter the mall and start finding the store of the same brand of Annie's phone. They buy the same exact phone. Rey said to Annie that he will keep the box and the old phone so her mom won't see they bought a new one.

"Phew, we're finished! What time is it?" Rey asked.

"It's 10:34" Annie answered.

"What?!! We need to hurry"

At that time they are going to the loading/unloading place when suddenly...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bottle of Stories (32)

Rey ask for permission to Annie's mother if they can go to the nearest mall. The curious mother ask why. Rey come up with a good lie.

"We need to buy materials for our project in MAPEH." Rey said.

And then Annie remembered that they need some materials for that project but it's not really necessary because they will use recycle materials.

"Yeah, we need it to do our project." Annie added.

"Do you really need it now." She asked.

"Not really but if we buy it earlier, our project will be finished early and we will get high grades too."

Jayson listened to their conversation and he predict her mother is not going to believe it because Rey and Annie are lying.

"Okay, but can't leave your friend behind here. He will be bored." Looks at Jayson.

"What?" Jayson reacted.

"Jayson, you can join us!" Rey said.


"What... is... that..." *points

"Jeepney, it is a transportation used to reached our destination faster." Rey explained.

Meanwhile, inside the moving jeepney,

"Grrr! I can't! I'm so dizzy and I want to leave now!" Jayson said while walking out.

"Wait no!" Rey shouted.

"Rey!" Annie said.

Jayson is going to jump off the jeepney. People inside started screaming but Rey pulled him and the driver make a big brake making the two back inside again.

"If you want to die, do it somewhere else not here! You'll add my burden if you did." the driver said angrily.

"Sorry sir! My friend once lived in a mountain so he doesn't know how things work here." Rey said.

"Yeah, yeah just sit down and don't do it again." the driver said back.

The two sits down quietly. Jayson can't talk because he know he did something wrong.

Baton Road (Cover) [+UST]

Download link:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bottle of Stories (31)

"Okay," Rey inhaled, "you go first."

"We can use the gold coins to fix my phone." she said whispering at Rey's left ear hoping that her mother won't hear her.

"Or use it to go to the mall and buy some foods and play at the arcade." Rey suggested.

"I want to repair my phone first." Annie answered.

"I'm just kidding... I just remembered! that the day we... we teleported or something. Did you notice something different?!" Rey said.

"Not really..."

"Nobody really knows! They did not even try to find us after staying for.... 6 days!" Rey shouted but not really loud.

"Yeah, it's impossible." Annie agreed.

"So, it means that we got there even if we didn't."

"What? I don't get it! Let's talk about it later. We need to get my phone fixed." Annie said.

"Okay, okay."

Friday, July 21, 2017

Bottle of Stories (30)

"I was going back to my house when suddenly... I feel like I'm moving very fast and now, I'm here." Jayson explained.

"The only way to go back is-"

"No! I don't want to go back there!" Annie cried.

"-by ope...", Annie cover Rey's mouth to stop him from talking.

"You don't need to tell me how, I'll find the way on my own." Jayson said.

Annie let go of Rey's mouth "See?".

Jayson stand after recovering. He walk downstairs and saw a woman washing dishes. Before he could leave, the woman ask him.

"Are you Annie's new friend?"

Jayson couldn't speak.

"If yes, then I'm glad." the woman smiled.

"Mom, did he leave already?" Annie said while walking downstairs with Rey. Then they see Jayson about to go away.

"Wait, where are you going? It's 8pm and you don't have a place to stay." Annie said.

"Yeah. We owe you one for letting us stay in your house amd helping us to return in our place." Rey said.

"It's time for us to do something in return."  Annie said.

"But, if we are going to stay in my house, it'll be trouble 'cuz it's nighttime now. I'm sure my dad is-"

"You can stay at our house." Annie's mother said.

Jayson has nothing to say. He can't refuse to Annie's mother offer. Rey go to his house. Jayson stay at Annie's house.


Rey opens the door slowly with a cracking sounds. He still pushing it slowly and peek a little bit. He saw nothing making him sigh. He enter the going straight to his  room and sleep. He thinks... He thinks about how things will turn out, if he would forget the things that happened. He wants to remember, and to be remembered. He thinks about it without realizing it's morning. He get the old cellular phone to check the date and time. When he noticed...


Annie get her broken phone. She looks at it and she is about to cry. She remember the gold coins that the king give them. Maybe she can use it to pay for the repair when she hear knocking sounds. She run to the door like she is expecting someone to come that time.

"Annie, remember yesterday!" Rey shouted after Annie opens the door.

Annie holds his shoulder and ask "Do you still have the thing that the king gives us?"

"No no no no no let me say this first-"

"No, listen to me first"

Then the two start quarreling. Annie's mother and Jayson seeing the two of them fighting about small things makes them quiet. Jayson face palmed and the mother said to them that the should talk outside.