Friday, January 6, 2017

Bottle of Stories (16)

Annie: "Hahahahaha!"

All the girls giggles.

Rey: "Tell him it's not my fault. ;;"

Julie: "That's why I commanded you. And you follow it too. It's not my fault."

They continue to laugh.

Rey: "I already imagine what'll happen to me if Jayson know this. ahhhh!"

Chloe: "Look at this."

Chloe is controlling Jayson. Jayson start staring at Rey.

Rey: "Oh no."

Jayson: "You are so cute."

Rey: "Stop pinching my face."

Rey start running while Jayson is chasing him.

Rey: "Stop him!"

Chloe: "Ok"

Jayson stop chasing Rey.

Rey: "He is not mad at me. Haha...hahahaha. Hey what's your name?"

Jayson: "My name is Jayson!"

He said in such a girly voice.

Rey/Annie: "Hahahaha."

Annie: (Cough, cough) "HA I'm tired."

Julie: "We should leave now."

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bottle of Stories (15)


Jayson noticed that Rey is staring at him. Annie wave her hands in front of Rey's eyes.

Rey: "Woah"

Annie: "Stop sleeping while your eyes is wide open."

Rey: "No I'm not."

Jayson ignore the two.

They go outside.

Julie: "Today, is the day when we'll go the city of witch and wizard. But first, we need clothes to disguise."

Chloe: "Me. I have a lots of witch clothes but it is only for girls."

Rey: "But, how about us?"

Chloe get the clothes and come back wearing a witch cloth.

Rey: "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Annie: "Seriously? You are the first one to wear the costume."

Rey: "Chloe is the first."

Annie: "Then you are the second"


Everyone is ready except Jayson.

Jayson: "No way! I will not wear that. I will not join you."

Chloe use her power to make Jayson fall asleep.

Julie: "Now you. Dress up Jayson now."

Julie points at Rey.

Rey: (sigh) -_- ;; "(Scary...)"

Rey put the dress to Jayson.

Jayson: "Nnnngh"

Rey: "iiiiiii!"

Jayson continue sleeping.

Rey: "Phew..."


Annie saw Jayson wearing the dress.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bottle of Stories (14)


Jayson: “Waa!” 

          He gets the sword behind him, going to attack the knight but fail. Jade save him by attacking the knight at the back. The unknown person escaped from the knight, helping Jade fighting the Knights. Because there are a lots of knights, Jade become out of sight. The Unknown person can’t handle them all and decided to run away, forcing Jayson to go away with her. Jayson shout Jade’s name and saw Jade saying:

“Run away! Jayson,”

Chloe: “What happened?”

Jayson: “Wherever she is, I want to say sorry because I didn’t save her. I wish she forgive me.”

Chloe: “I’m sure she already forgives you because she really loves you as a family and her twin.”

          Without being noticed, Rey is still awake listening to the whole story.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bottle of Stories (13)

          The enemy is going to attack the king but, he used my father as a shield. I was going to shout but someone cover my mouth.

???: “What are you doing here?”

Jayson: “L—mm-- g--.”

          Jayson said while crying.

Mother: “Why did you do this?”

          She said angrily to the king. The king stab Jayson’s mother. But before Jayson can shout, the unknown person kidnaps him. Jayson is still crying.

Jayson: “Mom, Dad…”

          The unknown person keeps quiet. Then suddenly,

Knight: “Hey! Give me that child!”

          There are many knights so the unknown person fights back. While she is fighting, Jayson runs to find his sister. When Jayson found Jade,

Jayson: “Jade! Let’s go, we need to get out of here!”

Jade: “W-Why?”

          Jayson did not explain anymore. He just pulls Jade’s hand and run but it’s too late. The unknown person is captured too.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

UTAU: Zhein's Profile


Age: 13
Height: 5'1
Weight: ?
Gender: None
Birthday: February 01, 2003
Realease date: July 12, 2016
Country: Philippines
Likes: Any clothes with collar
1. She is wearing a polo long sleeves 3/4 and maong shorts. Dark blue high-cut shoes with 4 belts. Bracelet on her left hand that has a USB socket and the USB cord is always attach on the bracelet (She can't sing without it). The cord is connected to a box placed on her pocket at the back of her maong shirt (8th note will appear if she is singing). She is also wearing stocking but it is not obvious.
2. Black polo shirt with horizontal stripes... (I'll try to draw instead of describing.)

Download Link:



UST by: Hono-Harmony

Song: Senbonzakura

Original by: KuroUsa-P ft. Hatsune Miku


UST by: MystSaphyr/UTAUxyz
Song: Mozaik Role

Original by: (DECO*27) ft. Megpoid GUMI

-Redistrubuting is not allowed.
-I am fine with that rendering options or flags (IDK) thing but use the one that suits to her voice.
-ra1, re1, ri1, ro1, ru1 are uhhh..... I tried to sing/speak/say it in english.
-Don't use ri1
-Please don't check my voice at the Voice Bank Settings! I'm shy! (Ignore this one and if you try, please don't let me know.)

(This is not really important)

Why no gender? (Even it is obvious)
It's because I make the design first before the voicebank. So, yeah. IDK

If she don't have a gender, how should I refer her? He? She? It?
Well, it is not my problem anymore but I always use she, her.

Why Zhein?
I'm not good at choosing names/titles. Same problem in BOS. I need to search before finding a new name.


Comment below for Questions.

(This is not finished)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bottle of Stories (12)


          Everyone is sleeping. Jayson is still awake facing himself at the mirror. He put his hair bond then someone knocks the door. The maid, Chloe, the one who knocks the door enters the room.

Chloe: “Good evening, huh?”

          Chloe see a gloomy face from Jayson.

Chloe: “You look like a girl without your hair bond.”

Jayson: “What?”

          Chloe is planning to make Jayson laugh but instead it becomes gloomier.

Chloe: “Are you okay. If not tell me what happen.”

Jayson: “It is about my twin. I remember her every time I look to the mirror.”

Chloe: “What happen to your twin?”

(For your information, Chloe and Jayson are friends that’s why Jayson is going to say what happened.)

When I was a kid, I’m 5 years old. My family and I lived happily. But, something happened.

My mother and father are both warriors, working for the king and always go to a war to protect our village. While my twin, Jade, she is good at fighting than me. I always idolized her for being a perfect person.

One day, our parents are going to leave for war.

          “Stay here, don’t go outside okay.” Our mother said.

Jayson and Jade: “Okay!”

          They said with cute little faces. A few minutes later,

Jayson: “Jade, let’s follow mom and dad. I want to see how they fight those bad guys!”

Jade: “They said that we should stay here.”

Jayson: “Aww.”

Jade: “Don’t worry, I’m here I will teach you some tricks in using two swords.”

Jayson: (Pouts)

                    When my sister falls asleep, I go outside and go to the place where the war is happening. While I tried to peep, I saw something that changed my whole life, personality and everything...

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bottle of Stories (11)

Jayson: “Hey! Who’s that?”

          Pointing the girl behind, following them.

Annie: “Who knows?”

Rey: “What is your name? Jayson is asking.”

Jayson: “I don’t say that you ask her!”

Rey: “Even you try to deny it; I know you want to know her name.”

Jayson: “Grrrr.”

Julie: “My name is Julie.”

Jayson: “Why are you following us?”

Rey: “Whoa! Straight question!”

Julie: “I was sent by the king to help you.”

Jayson: “You don’t need to help us.”

Julie: “Even if you don’t want me to join, I will still help you because it is my job.”

Jayson: “Hmp! Do what you want.”

          Annie starts to whisper to Rey.

Annie: “Same attitude.”

Rey: “Perfect partner.”


          Many hours later,

Julie: “We are near but we need to stay here until tomorrow.”

Annie: “They would not attack us, right?”

Julie: (Smiles) “We are in healer village. People here act like saints but I can’t promise that we are safe here.”

          She said having no trace that she is afraid. When Jayson and Julie are gone,

Rey: “I think Julie is different from Jayson.”

Annie: “How can you say?”

Rey: “She is smiling! Hehe.”

Annie: “She is scared but she tries to hide it by smiling.”

Rey: “I don’t think so.”

Annie: “I felt the same way before that’s why I can tell it.”

Rey: “Hey, hey, past is past. You don’t need to get depressed to the things that happened long ago.”

Annie: “I know. But...”

Rey: “Don’t worry. I’m here for you. And if someone is going to attack you at this place, just scream “Aaaaaah” (He said in high pitch) and I will come.”

Annie: “Hahahaha”