Friday, October 6, 2017

Bottle of Stories (36)

(Annie's mother story continuation...)

I noticed Annie is wearing a big T-shirt and a basketball short that fits on her size.

"What happened to your uniform?" I asked.

But... She didn't responded.

"Why did you leave the school late?" I asked again. There is so many question in my head but I want to ask it one by one. I don't want to pressure her.

"She is locked in the girl's restroom" the little kid said.

At that moment, I felt that my heart beats faster. I don't know what to say. I want to believe it because kids don't lie.

"Kid, what happened? What is your name?"

"Rey." Annie answered.

"I was going to return the mop to the corner near the restroom when I hear a voice coming from the girls restroom. It was locked. There was a padlock. So I use a pin to unlock it. I'm awesome right?!"

"Oh yes. Hehe."

"She was wet and smelly so I walked her home to wash and give her clothes." He added

"Why did you tell?" Annie said to Rey.

"You didn't say that I shouldn't tell her." Rey said.

I don't know but I felt glad that Rey helped Annie.

"Thank you." The only words that came out to my mouth.


(Rey's point of view)

"Rey... Do you remember when we are grade 2? The first time we met?" Annie asked.


I was assigned to clean the room that day as a punishment because I didn't do my assignment. I felt not contented when I finish sweeping so I get the mop near the restroom.

(minutes later...)


I'm going to return the mop to it's place when I hear a voice coming from the girl's restroom.

After opening the restroom, you suddenly hug me while crying.

"Haha you smell so bad!"

"You thought I'm the only one? You look dirty that day too!" 

So I walked her home and gave her clothes.

"Wash yourself, you can use our CR." I said 'cuz I have a feeling that her parents might scold her when they saw her at that state.

I checked her I.D. to know her address and I can't believe that her house was near to our house. So after she finished I walk her home. I tell to her mother what happened.

"Thank you" her mother said.

"Your welcome!" I responded. At that time, I only know that "Your welcome" is the proper response to "Thank you" so that's what I said.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bottle of Stories (35)

"Why do you trust Rey so much?"

The mother keep silent and pretends that she doesn't here Jayson.


"Oh. You noticed too."

"I've always been asked the same question. But for you... I will tell why..."

When Annie was a kid. She is always crying when she gets home. It all started when she had service when going to school and going home. She always say to me that her classmate teased her. I thought her classmates are only joking and Annie takes it seriously because.. they are kids. That's why I say to her whenever she is crying because of her classmate-

"The next time they do this to you, tell your teacher."

She only nodded.

As the days passed by. Annie stopped crying. But... I feel there is something wrong. She is always quiet. She don't want to go outside and play with her friends. She becomes lonely, and she wants to be alone. I don't want to force her to do the things that she don't wan't to. So I let her be.

One day, It was 5:30pm and I'm still waiting for Annie. She still not home. I ask her service but he said that a group of students said she already went home on her own. I was so nervous and I can't stop thinking what happened while walking around our house. I was so anxious so I start asking my neighbors. I almost knock all the doors in our street but no one has a clue... where Annie is. So I start calling the school. I ask the person who answer my call if they saw Annie leave the school. Then another person answered. A male teacher I assumed because of the low and rough voice. He said that he was on the faculty cleaning his desk when he saw a girl with a yellow(blonde) hair passed the faculty room 30 minutes ago. I'm glad that Annie is very extinguishable because of her hair. Then he continued.

"She was with a student with the same age I think"

"Do you know this student?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, I'm a secondary teacher so I don't know this student. I'm sorry..."

"Then why you didn't stop them!" I said with a trace of anger.

No one answered. Because I was so disappointed. I just slapped the telephone back to it's place.

So I waited...

I have the feeling that Annie will go home...

Quarter to 7:00pm. When someone knocks.

"Knock! Knock!" Before the childish voice finished, I already opened the door and I saw her. I instantly hugged her and I can't think of anything else.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (dj-jo remix) tv size (Cover) [+UST]


Download link:


Friday, September 8, 2017

Bottle of Stories (34)

Someone bump on Jayson but didn't really care.


The guy doesn't seem to hear. He's focused on the lady that's walking infront of him. He walks nearer to the lady, then he steals the bag that the lady was holding.

"Help! Help!" The lady screamed.

Jayson run towards the thief and throw something to his head, a bakya. Before the guy even steal, he already get it from the store beside him. He kick the thief once. The guy returns the bag to the lady.

Rey and Annie is speechless how things happened so fast.


"Good morning teacher. Good morning classmates. I'm sorry I'm late." Rey said following Annie that also said the same thing.

"Okay, you may sit down." The teacher said.


"Why are you late?" the teacher asked with a trace smile.

One student raise his hand.

"They go on a date with each other."

"What?!" The two reacted.

The class laughed.

"No..." *Annie

Thursday, September 7, 2017

UTAU: Zhein's Profile [Update.2]


Age: 13

Height: 5'1
Weight: ?
Birthday: February 01, 2003
Realease date: July 12, 2016
Country: Philippines
Likes: Any clothes with collar, technology, blue
Dislikes: Cold places or foods

-Redistrubuting is not allowed.
-Zhein doesn't have a gender so she can sing both female and male songs. (yeah...)
-Making derivative characters/voices using Zhein is not allowed.
-Claiming the voicebank as yours is not allowed

Zhein CV
-CV Voicebank
-romaji encoded
-hiragana aliased
-recorded in Audacity (and an overheating laptop)
-freq avg: 269.4 Hz (C#4)
-logical range: E3~B4

-ra1, re1, ri1, ro1, ru1 are uhhh..... I tried to sing/speak/say it in english. (Zhein CV)
-Don't use ri1

(Released date: July 12, 2016) (Update: September 7, 2017)

Zhein 2017
-CV Voicebank
-Romaji encoded
-Hiragana aliased
-Recorded in audacity
-freq avg: 216.0 Hz (A3)
-logical range: C#3~A#4

-Adding 1 for different results (Other recordings don't have this so try checking the vb settings first)
-If you see "hh ba ba be bi bo bu hh", just let it be there. Its unfinished and I have no plan to continue it because it's hard.
-Capable of singing filipino songs
-r'a, r'e, r'i, r'o, r'u for english
 ra, re, ri, ro, ru (ra F, re F, ri F, ro F, ru F,) for filipino/japanese
 rra, rre, rri, rro, rru for filipino/japanese
-la, le, li, lo, lu is aliased to ら れ り ろ る but rya, rye, ryo, ryu is used instead for りゃ  りょ  
-This VB has some VC and CCV

(Released date: July 8, 2017) (Update: September 7, 2017)

Zhein VCV
-VCV Voicebank
-Romaji encoded 
-Hiragana and romaji aliased
-Recorded in Oremo
-Reclist used: 2-mora
-freq avg: 242.7 Hz (B3)
-logical range: D#3~F5

-It can be both used to vcv and cv (hiragana and romaji aliased)
-Extra recordings added = VCV aeioun: (- ng, - ng(v), - r(v), - m)
-To activate the R's 'should use double rr or ad F (example: rra, a rra, raF, a raF)
-The recordings in the folder "extra" are the late recordings (what?)

-Started at August 14

(Released date: September 7, 2017) (Update: September 20, 2017)

If there are problems in the voicebank; notes not playing when using fresamp for example, feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix it. (Especially the Zhein VCV)

The solution to this is re oto'ing the voice sample. (cuz I face this problems too...)

(This is not official (Just to have pic on the list haha))

(I'll try to make more art...)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bottle of Stories (33)


After they arrive to their destination, they exchange 1 gold coin to the pawn shop. They get enough money and they start walking.

"So, this is the place you called "your world" huh?" Jayson said. He's a little disappointed on how the place look because of the smell of the gas that the jeepney makes and how noisy the surrounding is.

"Yeah." Rey responded.

"It's so noisy."

"Haha. Hey Annie can I have a look on your phone?"

Annie gave the broken phone to Rey. Rey stop walking after seeing the phone and say, "Are you sure this can be fixed." The two also stopped walking. *Annie "We need to fix it or else..."

"It's impossible." He said seriously.

"We need to buy a new one."


They enter the mall and start finding the store of the same brand of Annie's phone. They buy the same exact phone. Rey said to Annie that he will keep the box and the old phone so her mom won't see they bought a new one.

"Phew, we're finished! What time is it?" Rey asked.

"It's 10:34" Annie answered.

"What?!! We need to hurry"

At that time they are going to the loading/unloading place when suddenly...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bottle of Stories (32)

Rey ask for permission to Annie's mother if they can go to the nearest mall. The curious mother ask why. Rey come up with a good lie.

"We need to buy materials for our project in MAPEH." Rey said.

And then Annie remembered that they need some materials for that project but it's not really necessary because they will use recycle materials.

"Yeah, we need it to do our project." Annie added.

"Do you really need it now." She asked.

"Not really but if we buy it earlier, our project will be finished early and we will get high grades too."

Jayson listened to their conversation and he predict her mother is not going to believe it because Rey and Annie are lying.

"Okay, but can't leave your friend behind here. He will be bored." Looks at Jayson.

"What?" Jayson reacted.

"Jayson, you can join us!" Rey said.


"What... is... that..." *points

"Jeepney, it is a transportation used to reached our destination faster." Rey explained.

Meanwhile, inside the moving jeepney,

"Grrr! I can't! I'm so dizzy and I want to leave now!" Jayson said while walking out.

"Wait no!" Rey shouted.

"Rey!" Annie said.

Jayson is going to jump off the jeepney. People inside started screaming but Rey pulled him and the driver make a big brake making the two back inside again.

"If you want to die, do it somewhere else not here! You'll add my burden if you did." the driver said angrily.

"Sorry sir! My friend once lived in a mountain so he doesn't know how things work here." Rey said.

"Yeah, yeah just sit down and don't do it again." the driver said back.

The two sits down quietly. Jayson can't talk because he know he did something wrong.