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Bottle of Stories (17)

They finally arrived.

Julie: "We're here. So stop joking around."

Rey and Annie are still laughing because of Jayson.

They face the guards.

???1: "No, you cannot enter the city."

???2: "I can't remember that faces."

???3: "You must prove that you can use magic."

All of them show their powers one by one except Rey and Annie.

Julie: "Now. Show them."

Choe: "Want me to help you?"

She whispered.

Rey: "No thanks. Just watch." (Snap) "You see this girl beside me? She is my puppet and everything I do, she'll do it too."

???2: "She looks like a real human."

Rey: "No."

He move his right arm sidewards and Annie do it too. Annie play a music at her cellphone. Then they start dancing like they are at mirrors. Annie gets her perfume and spray it everywhere as the music ends.

???1: "O-ok you can enter now."

???3: "We're so sorry but where can I get that sweet scented thing."

Annie: "This?..."

???3: "She can talk?"

Rey: "Of course! She's in automatic mode now."

Rey get the perfume.

Rey: "You can have it. That's yours now. Bye!"

And they enter the city

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bottle of Stories (16)

Annie: "Hahahahaha!"

All the girls giggles.

Rey: "Tell him it's not my fault. ;;"

Julie: "That's why I commanded you. And you follow it too. It's not my fault anymore."

They continue to laugh.

Rey: "I already imagine what'll happen to me if Jayson know this. ahhhh!"

Chloe: "Look at this."

Chloe is controlling Jayson. Jayson start staring at Rey.

Rey: "Oh no."

Jayson: "You are so cute."

Rey: "Stop pinching my face."

Rey start running while Jayson is chasing him.

Rey: "Stop him!"

Chloe: "Ok"

Jayson stop chasing Rey.

Rey: "He is not mad at me. Haha...hahahaha. Hey what's your name?"

Jayson: "My name is Jayson!"

He said in such a girly voice.

Rey/Annie: "Hahahaha."

Annie: (Cough, cough) "HA I'm tired."

Julie: "We should leave now."

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bottle of Stories (15)


Jayson noticed that Rey is staring at him. Annie wave her hands in front of Rey's eyes.

Rey: "Woah"

Annie: "Stop sleeping while your eyes is wide open."

Rey: "No I'm not."

Jayson ignore the two.

They go outside.

Julie: "Today, is the day when we'll go the city of witch and wizard. But first, we need clothes to disguise."

Chloe: "Me. I have a lots of witch clothes but it is only for girls."

Rey: "But, how about us?"

Chloe get the clothes and come back wearing a witch cloth.

Rey: "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Annie: "Seriously? You are the first one to wear the costume."

Rey: "Chloe is the first."

Annie: "Then you are the second"


Everyone is ready except Jayson.

Jayson: "No way! I will not wear that. I will not join you."

Chloe use her power to make Jayson fall asleep.

Julie: "Now you. Dress up Jayson now."

Julie points at Rey.

Rey: (sigh) -_- ;; "(Scary...)"

Rey put the dress to Jayson.

Jayson: "Nnnngh"

Rey: "iiiiiii!"

Jayson continue sleeping.

Rey: "Phew..."


Annie saw Jayson wearing the dress.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bottle of Stories (14)


Jayson: “Waa!” 

          He gets the sword behind him, going to attack the knight but fail. Jade save him by attacking the knight at the back. The unknown person escaped from the knight, helping Jade fighting the Knights. Because there are a lots of knights, Jade become out of sight. The Unknown person can’t handle them all and decided to run away, forcing Jayson to go away with her. Jayson shout Jade’s name and saw Jade saying:

“Run away! Jayson,”

Chloe: “What happened?”

Jayson: “Wherever she is, I want to say sorry because I didn’t save her. I wish she forgive me.”

Chloe: “I’m sure she already forgives you because she really loves you as a family and her twin.”

          Without being noticed, Rey is still awake listening to the whole story.