Friday, April 21, 2017

Bottle of Stories (24)

Theo: "I can help you to get inside the school."

Jayson: "They'll know that we are warriors."

Julie: "I think it's fine if they know that we are warriors because our enemy is only a group of students."

Theo: "Yeah, I thought that the this city wants to start a war between the warriors."

Julie: "Do you have any idea where we can find them."

Chloe: "The school is so huge!"

Theo: "Umm... Kinda?"

Rey: "Then, you should lead!"

Theo: "B-but..."

Everyone looks at Theo.


???: "Your friends from---"

Theo: "We're just--- going to--- you know, look what's inside the school. Hehe."

???: "No way! Unless..."

Theo: "You know you can't... Josh."

Josh grab his wand and start aiming.

Josh: "aaaaaah!"

Theo gets the ballpen and uses magic more powerful than josh.

Annie: (He is so awesome...)

Theo: "L-let's go."

While walking, the two young wizards approach to them. Those are the two person they met hours ago.

Young Wizard 1: "Hey!"

Theo: "Aaron?"

Young Wizard 2: "What are you doing here."

Theo: "Edric?"

Rey: "You know this two?!"

Theo: "Hehe."

Rey: "You. Aaron I mean. Can you tell us where you exactly saw the girl who looks like a princess?"

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bottle of Stories (23)

Annie: "What are you doing here?" ("Is he following us?")

Theo starts blushing.

Theo: "I-I'm here to visit my mother. And I saw Rey and Jayson out there. So, I do my best to find you! Ha-ha."

Annie: "Ok..." (This place is so big to find me that fast. Awesome.)

Theo: ("Actually, I've been following you guys the whole time.")

(Julie and Chloe)

Julie: "So this is how it looks like inside."

They saw a big building and there is a lots of students.

Chloe: "This is gonna take forever!"

(Annie and Theo)

Theo: ("This is my chance") "So, Annie, how are you?"

Annie: "I'm ok."

Theo: "Me too."


Theo: "Uhh. Are you hungry?"

Annie: "Not really."


Annie: "Can you show me some magic tricks using my ballpen?"

She gets her red ballpen and give it to Theo.

Theo make a sand castle using his magic.

Annie: "Wow!"

Theo: "I can also make this sand disappear."

Before all of the sand vanish, Annie catch a few of them.

(Rey and Jayson)

Rey: "We need to tell this to everyone!"

Rey starts to run. Jayson follows him.

(Annie and Theo)

Annie blow the remaining sand on her hand. Theo look at it. But he don't see it clearly so he try to remove his glasses but he catch something on his eye.

Theo: "Ouch! My eye!"

Annie: "Let me see."

Theo: "No. Don't worry. Few blinks I'll be fine."

Annie comes closer.

Annie: "Don't move."

She starts to blow gently at Theo's eye while his face become completely red seeing how close Annie to him.

Annie: "You're ok now?"

Theo is still red. Speechless.

Annie wave her hand in front of Theo's face.

Theo: "S-sorry."

Annie turns away trying to hide her feelings.

After a minutes, Rey and Jayson arrive.

Rey: "I know where we can find the princess!"

Rey saw Theo and Annie.

Rey: "Aha! You two are doing something. Annie?"

Annie: "No! We're not."

Rey: "Then why the two of you are blushing. Huh? Hahahaha."

Jayson comes in and saw them.

Theo: "Stop teasing her!"

Rey: "Haha ok."

Jayson: "We just need to wait for Julie and Chloe."

Then Julie and Chloe arrive.

Rey: "Nice timing!"

Julie: "Chloe is about to collapse so I bring her here immediately."

Rey: "A kid tell me that she saw the princess in the school guarded by a group of students."

Julie: "We need a plan."

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bottle of Stories (22)

Rey: "But wait, Annie is this your handwrite?"

Annie: "Yeah, I use your ballpen 'cuz mine is out of ink."

Rey: "Ahh. Be careful of those people may hurt you or kidnap you. They can possess--"

Annie: "Stop scaring me!"

Rey: "Ahahaha. Goodluck!"

And they part ways.

(Rey and Jayson)

Rey ask people one by one if they see a girl with a long blond hair and pink eyes (He remember the look of the princess). It's been an hour but they still don't have any clue. Jayson only follow Rey wherever he go. He's not talking.

While walking, Rey noticed a kid being bullied by a 2 young wizards.

They are about to hurt the kid by using earth magic. Rey rush to the scene to protect the kid.

Young Wizard 1: "What?! You're protecting him!"

Young Wizard 2: "Go away! Or else--"

Rey get his wand before he raise it.

Young Wizard 2: "Give that back!"

Rey: "Hehe."

Young Wizard 1: "Grrr... take this."

But Jayson twist his hand a little making the young wizard drop his wand.

Young Wizard 1: "OUCH!!"

Rey get the wand from the floor. Jayson let go of the young wizard's hand.

Rey: "Tsk. Tsk. You guys should learned that bullying is bad. Does this kid do anything bad from you? (Man, I'm not good at this.)"

Both: "No."

Rey: (Sigh) "I don't want to make this long. You two. Apologize."

Both: "Sorry."

Kid: "Uh uh. No need, we're friends now."

Young Wizard 1: "Really?"

Young Wizard 2: "After what we did to you?"

Kid: "Yes."

Rey: " kid"

Young Wizard 2: "Can we get our wands back?"

Rey: "Ok"

The young wizards is about to get their wands but Rey pulls back.

Rey: "Don't do it again."

Both: "We will never do it again. Promise."

Rey: "Oh, (I didn't ask for their promises) before I give this to you, see a girl with a long blond hair and pink eyes?"

Young Wizard 1: "I think I saw her in school. That beautiful girl who looks like a princess."

Rey: "Then?!"

Young Wizard 1: "The girl was guarded by a lots of guys. All of them are students and it seems that they have the same age like you."

Rey: "O-ok. Thank you."

He return the wand to the young wizards.

(Julie and Chloe)

Chloe: "How are we going to get inside."

Julie: "We will sneak in. Follow me."


She can hear footsteps coming nearer. Her heartbeat starts to beat faster. She get the crossbow aiming the door if someone comes in to attack her.

Then someone comes in and Annie shoot it with right timing.

Theo: "Waahh!"

Uses his magic.

Theo: "Phew!"

Annie: "Sorry! I didn't know it was you."

Friday, March 31, 2017

Bottle of Stories (21)

Julie: "We will split in to two groups. Me and Rey will lead."

Rey: "Me?"

Jayson: "I will join Rey."

Rey: (Leader? Me and Jayson!? Maybe he wants to have his revenge... scary)

Julie: (I trust you Rey.)

Annie: (I want to go with Rey but not Jayson...)

Chloe: (Jayson is still mad at me...)

Jayson: (I would rather go with Rey than Julie or Chloe. Chloe can control me while Julie... I don't trust her.)

An awkward silence fills the empty room.

Chloe walks and stays beside Julie.

Julie: "So Annie will guard our things."

Annie: "What?"

Julie: "You don't have the right to complain"

Annie: *sweats

Julie give the map to Rey. Julie have the same map. They look at it.



Julie: "No one will bring swords or any weapon. They only use magic not weapons. Understand?"

But no one responds...

Julie: "Answer me!"

Rey/Annie/Chloe: "YES! We understand!"

Julie: "Good"

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