Saturday, June 3, 2017

Peace Sign Cover [+UST]

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Bottle of Stories (28)

King: "Here's your reward."

Rey: "So this what it looks like. It's so thick! Wow."

He looks at the gold coins.

Annie: "How about the cap? We need it!"

Rey: "Let's find him."

They start searching the guy who owned the cap.

King: "Julie and Jayson. You 'll be advanced to the Warrior City where you can enhance your skill and--"

Jayson: "I won't accept it. I would rather stay here than  accept your offer."

King: "Hmm..."

Jayson: "You pay those guys to kidnap the princess that's why you don't feel worried when your daughter is being kidnap!"

Julie: "Is that true?"

King: "You should be thankful that I'm giving you this big opportunity."

Jayson: "No thanks. Liar."

And Jayson walks out.

Julie: ("I can't believe him. Where did he get his courage to disrespect our king.")

Meanwhile, Rey and Annie can't find the announcer who have the cap so they decided to return at the from they came from but they saw Jayson.

Rey: "Hey! Jayson, do you know where we can find the guy who announce the message from the king?"

Jayson: "Why?"


Jayson: "Just for a cap?! What's so important with that thing?"

Announcer: "My lucky charm, I will miss you..."

Rey: "Hehehe... Jayson, we have to go. I guess... Do you want gold coins?"

Jayson: "I don't want it."

Rey: "O-ok. Bye! Thank you for helping us."

Annie: "Bye."

They said while waving their hands. Walking away.


They go back to the place where the barrels are.

Rey: "Hope this works."

Rey put cap to the bottle.

They end up in the faculty room.

Rey/Annie: "Wooh!" (Hi-fives each other.)

Rey: "I just need to put this bottle back and pshhh nothing happened. "

He tried to remove the bottle but the necklace is too small to remove it.

Rey: "Annie, do you have scissors?"

Annie: "No. Wait someone is coming."

The two start panicking.

Rey: "Help! Maybe some of the tables have scissors lying on it."

Annie starts looking around but before she can find the scissors, someone enters the faculty room. It's their teacher.

Teacher: "What are you doing here? (*sees the bottle on hanging on Rey's necklace) Don't tell me--"

Rey: "N-no I-I just, uh..."

Teacher: "Did you open it."

Rey/Annie: "NO."

Teacher: "Then why are you wearing it."

Rey: "Uhmm... I really look handsome wearing this thing."

Teacher: "Really?" ("He's not good at lying")

Rey: "Yes, ma'am"

Annie: "You look so good!"

Teacher: "Hmmm... I guess you really like that bottle huh? Hmm... That's yours now."

Rey: "Thanks ma'am."

Teacher: "Welcome... I'm going home now. Be careful going home."

Annie: "Same to you ma'am."

And their teacher goes away.

The two sighs.

Rey: "Phew!"

Annie: "I thought we are going to get scolded. Haay..."

They hear a murmuring voice,

"Where... I..."

Rey: "Jayson!"

Annie: "How did you get here?"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bottle of Stories (27)

With the help of Julie and Theo, all of then are defeated except the one person that Jayson is fighting with. He is really strong. Jayson use his power so his sword becomes more sharper. The enemy realize that his power is fading and he can't use any magic.

???: "I give up! You win! Stop!"

Chloe is with a teacher. She ask for help to find her friends. When they saw the scene.

Teacher: "What's happening here?"


Teacher: "We are really sorry for what happened. I keep asking them why they did they kidnapped the princess but they won't say a thing. We're really sorry..."

Rey: "Don't worry ma'am, its not your fault."

Teacher: (Ma'am?)

Julie: "Nobody should know what happened. This problem will make a conflict between the Warrior Village and the City of Magic. Can we ask you not to tell anything and pretend that none of this never happened."

Teacher: "Yes."

Julie: "Thank you."

Jayson walks out. He saw the guy he fought. The guy walks towards him and whispers...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bottle of Stories (26)

The guy who enters the room emits a fire magic to Annie using his wand.

Theo blocks the fire magic using his water magic.

Julie gets her sticks made of iron and use her power to make it throwing knives. She throws it to the guy but he dodge it.

Jayson attacks using his two swords. The guy was to surprised. He dodge but fell into the floor.

Jayson points his sword to the guy.

Jayson: "You should give up. You are only one. I can beat you on my own."

???: "Are you sure?"

15 more people appears.

Everyone seems shocked.

The three people near the door create a big water ball and use it to Jayson.

Because of the pressure, Jayson was pushed straight to the window.

Theo: "Jayson!!"

He runs toward the window but someone is trying to stop him so he use his magic to boost. He jump on the window. (They are at the 5th floor so it will be bad if Jayson falls straight to the ground.)

Theo use a wind magic so they can land safely.

He saw Jayson with a few wounds on his back.

Theo: "J-Jayson are you--"

Trying to reach his hands but Jayson slapped it.

Jayson: "I don't need your help! Grrrr."

Theo: (Uh oh this is bad...)

He said to himself.

Annie: "What are we going to do?"

Rey: "We are cornered!"

Annie: "Wait, where is Chloe."

She whispered.

Rey look around and realize that Chloe is missing.


Chloe: "This place is too big! Where are you guys!"

Rey: "I don't know, and now we're captured!"

???2: "Shut up."

???: "We need to go down."

Rey: "W-wait we are not going to jump on that window. right?"

???: (*giggles)

Rey/Annie: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!"

Jayson: "Grrr... You..."

Jayson run towards the guy he attack a while ago.

But the enemy has a lot of of comrades. Jayson starts fighting them alone.

Theo is trying to free Julie, Annie, Rey and the Princess. By the use of his magic he beat the 4 guys.

Rey: "Nice one!"

Julie: "Rey! Annie! Protect the Princess."

Rey/Annie: "Ok!"

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bottle of Stories (25)

Aaron points the door.

Aaron: "After I saw them here I don't know where they go."

Theo: "I think I know where I can find them."

And then,

(*Opens the door and saw the princess there)

Rey: "She's really here."

Theo and Julie bows down. The princess bow in return.

(*She seems to be alone in the empty room.)

Annie: "Let's go now..."

(*But no one seems to hear what she said.)

(*Someone enters the room.)

(*Everyone points their weapons except Rey, Annie and the princess.)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Bottle of Stories (24)

Theo: "I can help you to get inside the school."

Jayson: "They'll know that we are warriors."

Julie: "I think it's fine if they know that we are warriors because our enemy is only a group of students."

Theo: "Yeah, I thought that the this city wants to start a war between the warriors."

Julie: "Do you have any idea where we can find them."

Chloe: "The school is so huge!"

Theo: "Umm... Kinda?"

Rey: "Then, you should lead!"

Theo: "B-but..."

Everyone looks at Theo.


???: "Your friends from---"

Theo: "We're just--- going to--- you know, look what's inside the school. Hehe."

???: "No way! Unless..."

Theo: "You know you can't... Josh."

Josh grab his wand and start aiming.

Josh: "aaaaaah!"

Theo gets the ballpen and uses magic more powerful than josh.

Annie: (He is so awesome...)

Theo: "L-let's go."

While walking, the two young wizards approach to them. Those are the two person they met hours ago.

Young Wizard 1: "Hey!"

Theo: "Aaron?"

Young Wizard 2: "What are you doing here."

Theo: "Edric?"

Rey: "You know this two?!"

Theo: "Hehe."

Rey: "You. Aaron I mean. Can you tell us where you exactly saw the girl who looks like a princess?"

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bottle of Stories (23)

Annie: "What are you doing here?" ("Is he following us?")

Theo starts blushing.

Theo: "I-I'm here to visit my mother. And I saw Rey and Jayson out there. So, I do my best to find you! Ha-ha."

Annie: "Ok..." (This place is so big to find me that fast. Awesome.)

Theo: ("Actually, I've been following you guys the whole time.")

(Julie and Chloe)

Julie: "So this is how it looks like inside."

They saw a big building and there is a lots of students.

Chloe: "This is gonna take forever!"

(Annie and Theo)

Theo: ("This is my chance") "So, Annie, how are you?"

Annie: "I'm ok."

Theo: "Me too."


Theo: "Uhh. Are you hungry?"

Annie: "Not really."


Annie: "Can you show me some magic tricks using my ballpen?"

She gets her red ballpen and give it to Theo.

Theo make a sand castle using his magic.

Annie: "Wow!"

Theo: "I can also make this sand disappear."

Before all of the sand vanish, Annie catch a few of them.

(Rey and Jayson)

Rey: "We need to tell this to everyone!"

Rey starts to run. Jayson follows him.

(Annie and Theo)

Annie blow the remaining sand on her hand. Theo look at it. But he don't see it clearly so he try to remove his glasses but he catch something on his eye.

Theo: "Ouch! My eye!"

Annie: "Let me see."

Theo: "No. Don't worry. Few blinks I'll be fine."

Annie comes closer.

Annie: "Don't move."

She starts to blow gently at Theo's eye while his face become completely red seeing how close Annie to him.

Annie: "You're ok now?"

Theo is still red. Speechless.

Annie wave her hand in front of Theo's face.

Theo: "S-sorry."

Annie turns away trying to hide her feelings.

After a minutes, Rey and Jayson arrive.

Rey: "I know where we can find the princess!"

Rey saw Theo and Annie.

Rey: "Aha! You two are doing something. Annie?"

Annie: "No! We're not."

Rey: "Then why the two of you are blushing. Huh? Hahahaha."

Jayson comes in and saw them.

Theo: "Stop teasing her!"

Rey: "Haha ok."

Jayson: "We just need to wait for Julie and Chloe."

Then Julie and Chloe arrive.

Rey: "Nice timing!"

Julie: "Chloe is about to collapse so I bring her here immediately."

Rey: "A kid tell me that she saw the princess in the school guarded by a group of students."

Julie: "We need a plan."