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Bottle of Stories (42)

I opened my eyes...

I look at the ceiling while trying to remember what happened.

I look at the different direction.

"Hey. You're awake." She said.

She stand up.

"I'm glad... I got nervous there." She added.

I can't talk too much because I just woke up. I only look at her.

She come close to where I'am.

"You okay now?" She asked.

"Huh? Yes." I answered.

"Ah." She said.

I get up. That's when I saw the small room where the painting that is framed resides.

At my left side, a monoblock where Cy was sitting a while ago and at my right side, beside the bed, is a small table. Above the table is the red t-shirt and yellow necktie.

I look at my clothes. I noticed that I'm wearing my polo and pants.

I want to ask Cy what happened but... She's daydreaming. Maybe later.

I get my T-shirt and wear it.

It's pretty cold hedon'tircon.

I get my necktie and look for the thing that is supposed to be here.

My bag.

Rey "Where's my bag?"

Cy "I don't know."

Rey "Annie and Jayson?"

Cy "The two?"

Rey "Yeah"

Cy "I don't know too."

Rey "Give me a proper answer."

Cy "Haha I really don't have any idea where they are."

Rey "How about this.... What happened?"

Cy "Aaah... It's like this... sir... talked to me. After that I go inside the car and then I saw you with the two unconscious.......... Maybe he used it again."

Rey "Used what?"

Cy "IDK"

Rey "..."

Cy "When I was fixing you and the two, when I lifted your head, your temperature was so high it's like you can fry an egg. So we bring you here. "

Rey "How about Annie-"

Cy "They are here too. I only don't know where exactly."

I don't ask anymore. I faced the table and where my necktie.

Cy "I feel... pitiful for Sir, he is getting punished because he didn't watched Zhein properly and now you guys. But he did his best to cure you. Even you are with the guy who punched me."

What happened to me?Wait-

Rey "How did you know? I thought you don't know?"

Cy "Zhein told me."

Rey "When?"

Cy "A while ago haha."

Rey "Haha"

Seriously this girl...

I look at her face. The bruise was gone

Rey "Where is your bruise?"

Cy "Foundation. You're so exaggerated... You noticed the bruise first before anything on me."

Rey "Wha-"

Cy "Just kidding haha."

Rey "You are beautiful."

She look at the different direction.

Cy "Ah... haha thank you."

Rey "Just kidding too."

We laughed together.

Cy "No you said I'm beautiful you can't take it back."


"Let's find Annie." I said while walking towards the door.


It's lock.

Its lock from the outside!


Annie's Point of View

The living room here is so big. There is a flatscreen here and also a four game controller. Rey and I can play together.

Where is Rey....

Maybe something happened to him.

The door opened and I stand up. I thought it was Rey. It was the girl's (Cy) companion.

??? "What is your address. We'll bring you home."

Annie "What about Rey?"

??? "Maybe later."

Annie "No, we will go home together."

??? "..."

I look at Jayson who's still sleeping until now. I tried to wake him up but. He is deeply asleep. I don't want to disturb him.

The light suddenly turned off.

The guy said something while looking at his phone. He's trying to call someone. But he failed. He opened the flashlight on his phone so he can look at the surroundings.

If only I bring my phone. It is in my bag.

"Stay here." and he leave.


Rey's Point of View

We are only chatting here when the electricity goes off.

Cy "Brownout? I can't see anything."

Rey "Maybe we can open the door."

I heard Cy's footsteps. I followed the sound of it and I bump to a wall.

"Bye Reeeey." Cy said.


Wait for me.

I saw a little light at the doorway so I immediately followed it.

Cy runs slowly while me, following her.

Ouch! I can't move my body.

Cy is going far. She turn left.

Is this the side effect she's saying. That ant's bite that's actually a needle with a drug.

When I felt that my senses returned.  I kneeled because of too much pain.

"Come with me." and pulls my hand.

I only followed him.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"To your friends." He answered.

I recognized that voice. He is...


He stop and opened the door

He let me enter.

Rey "Annie?"

Annie "Rey?"

He illuminate the light at Annie. And Jayson is... Beside Annie sleeping.

The electricity returned.

Rey "Yehey!"

Annie "Yehey!"

The one who pulls me here is Cy's sir.

I look at the big the TV here.

I approached the TV.

I look at it carefully.

Rey "Waah!"

I was surprised when the TV start working on its own.

"Aaah!" Annie cried.

Huh? Cy is in the TV.

"Good morning to all of you." She greeted and smiled.

"Oh no that smile again."

"It's Zhein. Sorry for the inconvenience and I can't resolve it immediately. I'm slow in running."

Zhein? Oh isn't it obvious she's smiling that way.

I remember what Cy and I talked about when we are still walking. Going to the car.


"Zhein." I called.

"Zhein and I are different so don't call me Zhein." She said

"Then what will I call you?" I asked.

"Cy" She answered.

"I'm sure that you are Zhein. What's that you have two personalities in one body?"

"Yes... I think."

"Well that's hard."

"Yep, just as you said."

*End of flashback

"Maybe you are curious why I'm doing this. The truth is, I'm so done being a follower to all of you. You are only using me to do what you want. So you can earn a lot of money."

"I don't understand." I said.

Who is she referring to?

"What channel is that?" Annie asked.

We hear a sound. It's the same ringtone that Annie's phone has when someone is calling.

I look at Annie.

"It's not mine." then we look at the guy.

He didn't answer the call on his phone because he is focused on what Cy is saying. Oops! I mean Zhein.

"There is only one thing I want. And all of you know it. But no one is doing a thing about it"

"What does she want?" Annie asked.

"There is a lot of lives that is sacrificed to improve me. The lives that are wasted because of your greed. So I'm here to give justice to their deaths."

The TV turns off automatically.

The phone of the guy rings again but now, he answer it.

He is only listeningggggggggg..........


He throws his phone to the sofa.

"You're rich." I said because he only threw his phone from his position unto the sofa.

He didn't pay attention on what I said and opened the door.

"I will not be surprised if  you are one of those people Zhein talking about." He stopped after hearing what Jayson said.

"It's obvious in your actions that you are guilty and you are only doing this to-"

"You know nothing."

Jayson forehead wrinkled.

"Do not leave here." He said.

Bottle of Stories (42) [Tagalog]

Minulat ko ang mga mata ko...

Tiningnan ko ang kisame habang inaalala ang mga nangyari.

Tumingin ako sa ibang direksyon.

"Huuy. Gising ka na pala." Sabi niya.

Tumayo siya.

"Buti naman... Kinabahan ako dun ah." Dugtong niya.

Hindi ako makasalita dahil kakagising ko pa lang. Tinitigan ko lang siya.

Lumapit siya sa kinahihigaan ko.

"Ayos ka na?" tanong niya.

"Ha? Oo." Sagot ko.

"Ah." Sabi niya.

Bumangon ako. Doon ko lang nakita na nasa maliit ako na kwarto na may malaking painting na naka frame.

Sa kaliwa ay ang monoblock na inuupuan ni Cy kanina at sa kanan, katabi ng kama, ay maliit na mesa. Sa ibabaw ng mesa ay ang pulang T-shirt at dilaw na necktie.

Tiningnan ko ang damit ko, naka polo at pantalon na lang ako.

Gusto ko sana tanungin si Cy kung anong nangyari pero... Tulala eh. Mamaya na lang.

Kinuha ko ang T-shirt ko at sinuot ito.

Medyo malimig dito. Aircon.

Kinuha ko ang necktie ko at hinanap ko ang bagay na dapat nandito.

Bag ko.

Rey "Nasaan yung bag ko?"

Cy "Ewan ko."

Rey "Sila Annie at Jayson?"

Cy "Yung dalawa?"

Rey "Oo"

Cy "Di ko rin alam eh."

Rey "Yung matinong sagot naman."

Cy "Haha di ko nga alam."

Rey "Eto na lang.... Anong nangyari."

Cy "Aaah... ganto kasi 'yon... Diba kinausap ako ni... sir. Pagkatapos non pumasok ako sa kotse tapos dun ko nakita wala na kayong malay......... Ginamit na naman niya ata yun."

Rey "Yung ano?"

Cy "Ewan"

Rey "..."

Cy "Nung inaayos ko kayo, nung inangat ko yung ulo mo, sobrang init mo pwedeng-pwede ng lutuan ng itlog. Kaya dinala ka namin dito."

Rey "Sila Annie-"

Cy "Nandito rin naman sila. Hindi ko lang alam kung saan eksakto."

Hindi na ako nagtanong pa. Humarap ako sa mesa at sinuot ang necktie ko.

Cy "Kawawa kaya si Sir, paparusahan siya kasi hindi niya binantayan si Zhein tapos kayo. Pero ginawa niya ang lahat para pagalingin ka. Kahit kasama mo yung sumuntok sakin."

Anong nangyari sa'kin? Sandali-

Rey "Paano mo nalaman? Akala ko ba 'di mo alam?"

Cy "Sinabi sa akin ni Zhein."

Rey "Kailan?"

Cy "Kanina lang haha."

Rey "Haha"

Seryoso, ang babaeng to...

Tiningnan ko ang mukha niya. Wala na yung pasa.

Rey "Nasaan na yung pasa mo?"

Cy "Foundation. Grabe ka naman... yung pasa lang talaga yung una mong napansin sa'kin"

Rey "Luh-"

Cy "Joke lang haha."

Rey "Maganda ka kaya."

Napatingin siya sa ibang direksyon

Cy "Ah... haha Salamat."

Rey "Joke lang din"

Tumawa kaming dalawa.

Cy "Wala sabi mo maganda ako wala ng bawian."


"Hanapin natin sila Annie" Sinabi ko habang naglalakad papalapit sa pinto.



Naka-lock sa labas!


Annie's Point of View

Napakalaki ng sala dito. May malaki pang flatscreen at may apat na game controller pa. Pwede kami maglaro ni Rey ng sabay.

Nasaan na kaya si Rey...

Baka kung ano na ang nangyari sa kanya.

Bumukas ang pinto at napatayo ako. Akala ko si Rey. Yung kasama pala nung babae. (Cy)

??? "Anong address niyo. Uuwi na namin kayo."

Annie "Paano si Rey?"

??? "Tsaka na siya."

Annie "Hindi pwede, kailangan kasama namin siya."

??? "..."

Tiningnan ko si Jayson na natutulog pa rin hanggang ngayon. Ti-nry ko siya gisingin kanina pero. Tulog na tulog siya eh. Ayoko siyang istorbohin.

Bigla nag blackout.

May sinabi ang lalaki habang tinitingnan ang phone niya. Mayroon siyang tinatawagan. Pero bigo siya. Binuksan niya ang flashlight ng phone niya para tingnan ang paligid.

Kung andito lang sana yung phone ko. Nasa bag kasi.

"Dito lang kayo." at umalis na siya.


Rey's Point of View

Nag-uusap lang kami ni Cy kanina ng bigla nawalan ng kuryente.

Cy "Brownout? Wala akong makita."

Rey "Baka pwede na natin buksan yung pinto."

Naririnig ko ang mga yapak ni Cy. Sinundan ko ang tunog nito ng nabunggo ako sa pader.

"Bye Reeeey." Sabi ni Cy.


Hintayin mo ko.

May nakita akong maliit na liwanag sa may pintuan kaya agad ko na itong sinundan.

Tumatakbo ng mabagal papalayo si Cy at ako naman ay sinusundan siya.

Aray! Hindi ko magalaw ang buong katawan ko.

Nakakalayo na si Cy sa akin. Kumaliwa siya.

Ito na ba yung sinasabi niyang side effect. Yung kagat ng langgam na karayom na may gamot.

Nung naramdaman ko na bumalik na ang pakiramdam ko. Napaluhod ako sa sobrang sakit.

"Sumama ka sakin." sabay hila sa kamay ko.

Sinundan ko lang siya.

"Saan tayo pupunta?" Tanong ko.

"Sa mga kaibigan mo." Sagot niya.

Alam ko ang boses na 'to. Siya ay si...


Huminto siya at binuksan ang pinto.

Pinapasok niya ako.

Rey "Annie?"

Annie "Rey?"

Itinapat ang ilaw kay Annie kaya nakita ko kung nasaan siya. At si Jayson ay... Katabi ni Annie at natutulog pa rin.

Biglang bumalik ang kuryente.

Rey "Yehey!"

Annie "Yehey!"

Jayson "Ang ingay niyo."

Ang naghila sa 'kin dito ay yung sir ni Cy.

Agad akong napatingin sa napakalaking TV dito.

Nilapitan ko ang TV.

Tiningnan ko ito ng mabuti.

Rey "Waah!"

Nagulat ako ng biglang nag on ang TV.

"Aaah!" Sigaw ni Annie.

Huh? si Cy nasa TV.

"Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat." Bungad niya at sabay ngiti.

"Naku yan nanaman yung ngiti niya."

"Zhein nga pala. Pasensiya na sa abala kanina at hindi ko na resolba agad, medyo mabagal kasi ako tumakbo."

Zhein? Obvious ba nakangiti siya ng ganyan.

Naalala ko ang pinag-usapan namin ni Cy nung naglalakad pa lang kami papunta sa kotse.


"Zhein." Tawag ko sa kanya.

"Magkaiba kasi kami ni Zhein kaya wag mo akong tawaging Zhein." Sabi niya.

"Ano itatawag ko sayo?" Tanong ko

"Cy" Sagot niya.

"Sigurado talaga ako na ikaw si Zhein eh. Ano yun dalawa yung pagkatao mo sa isang katawan?"

"oo... Parang ganun."

"Ang hirap naman niyan."

"Sinabi mo pa."

*End of flashback

"Siguro nagtataka kayo kung bakit ko ito ginagawa. Ang totoo, sawang-sawa na ako maging sunod sunoran sa inyong lahat. Ginagamit niyo lang ako para magawa ang mga gusto niyo. Para makakuha kayo ng maraming pera."

"Di ko maintindihan." Sabi ko.

Sino ba yung tinutukoy niya?

"Anong channel yan?" tanong ni Annie.

Nakarinig kami ng tunog. Kapareho ng ringtone ng phone ni Annie kapag mayroon tumatawag.

Tiningnan ko si Annie.

"Hindi sakin yun." at sabay tingin sa lalaki.

Hindi niya sinagot ang tawag sa phone niya dahil pinapakinggan niya ang sinasabi ni Cy. Ay! ni Zhein.

"May isa lang naman akong gusto. At alam niyong lahat kung ano iyon. Pero wala kayong ginagawa tungkol dun."

"Ano ba yung gusto niya?" tanong ni Annie.

"Marami ng buhay ang nasakripisyo para mapabuti ako. Mga buhay na nasayang dahil sa kasakiman niyo. Kaya nandito ako ngayon para bigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay nila."

At kusang nag off ang TV.

Nag ring ulit ang phone ng lalaki pero ngayon sinagot na niya ito.

Nilapit niya ang phone sa tainga niya at bago pa niya 'to madikit, nilayo niya na ito ng kaunti.

Pinapakinggan lang niyaaaaa........


Binato niya ang phone niya sa sofa.

"Yaman mo kuya." sabi ko dahil binato lang naman niya ang mamahalin niyang phone mula sa kinatatayuan niya papunta sa sofa.

Hindi niya pinakinggan ang sinabi ko at binuksan ang pinto.

"Hindi ako magtataka kung isa ka sa mga tinutukoy ni Zhein." Napatigil siya sa sinabi ni Jayson.

"Bakas sa mga kilos mo na may kasalanan ka at ginagawa mo lang lahat ng ito para

"Wala kang alam."

Kumunot ang noo ni Jayson.

"Huwag kayong aalis dito." sabi niya.

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Bottle of Stories (41)

"I'm sure that I'm still holding it a while ago." Rey persisted.

"This is what I was saying." Annie said like she knows that is going to happen.

"If you only didn't punch, then I won't be able to let go of the cap when Zhein fell." Rey said.

"Then why you didn't dodge?" Jayson asked with a trace of insult.

"Stooop! Let's just go back there we might still find it!" Annie said to Rey and Jayson.


Rey "I can't see it."

Annie "Me too."

Jayson "We will never be able to return."

Annie "Maybe someone already pick it up..."

Rey "Maybe Zhein saw it."

Annie "Who is it?"

Rey "The girl a while ago. The one that Jayson punched."

Annie "Jayson that's too much you punched a girl. I think she earned a bruise."

Jayson "I didn't punch her. She blocked it."

Annie "Huh?"

Rey "Oh yeah. She intended to make your punch hit her. Exactly in the face right?"

Annie "Eh?"

Jayson "Tsk." (She's faster than me. I'll be able to hold it when she suddenly- damn it)

Rey "Not only that, she was so happy when Jayson punched her."

Annie "Maybe she's crazy."

Rey "..."

Rey "Where is she."

??? "Are you looking for the girl earlier?"

Rey nodded.

??? "She returned inside the school. I saw her almost crying."


??? "You guy's are in trouble."

Annie "Let's go Rey."

Rey "Did you saw a cap here?"

??? "What cap?"

Rey shows the bottle.

??? "Ayyy I don't saw anything. That's too small."

Rey "Ah. Okay thank you."

They crossed the road.

Rey "Let's wait for her to go out."

Jayson "Then I'll say sorry even it's not my fault?"

Rey "We have no choice. She is the only one I talked to when I'm still holding the cap. Maybe she picked it up when I lose it."

Annie "I'm okay just you will be the one to talk to her."


Rey's point of view.

We're her sitting beside the plant. Minutes has passed but I still don't see Zhein. Why the guy said she was almost cried when she is going back? She said she was happy? Maybe tears of joy...

"Hey!" Annie tapped my shoulders.

I'm surprised.

"Haha, you were surprised." Annie teased me.

"No I'm not." I said back.

"How did you know that I won't be able to go back at my place?" Jayson asked me.


I just felt it... I remember I watched something in the TV. That no matter what they do, they only go in the different places but they can't go back to the place they already visited. But they can only go back on a one certain place...

Haaay. I don't know! I'm not watching that, I only saw it accidentally when the TV is open while sis is cleaning.

"Rey! That's-?" Annie points.

I turned my head.

It's Zhein!

"Zhein!" I called because she is walking away.

She didn't stop walking. She continue to walk.

I run towards her and tap her shoulder just like the first time I met her,


She was surprised and look at me quickly.

She looks different than the first time. She is holding a plastic (ice inside it) that is covered by a towel applied on her left cheek.

"A-are you calling me?" She asked.

"Yup." I answered.

"D-do we know e-each other?" She stuttered.

"Huh? Do you have amnesia? We only met each other a while ago you already forgot?"

Zhein was surprised from what I said.

She turn away from me and said,

"That was not me."

I don't believe it-

Jayson pulls her right arm, "Sandali, kinakausap ka pa namin."

Zhein faces us and Jayson release her arm.

"Where's the cap." Jayson asked.

"What?" Zhein asked back.

"Cap." Annie answered.

"What cap?"Zhein asked again.

"Cap of a bottle?" Annie said.

"Huh?" She asked again like she doesn't hear what Annie said.

"The cap of the bottle. Deaf!" I said annoyingly.

"Haha. IDK." She laughed.

"Are you sure." I assured.

"I don't really know. Why are you asking me?" Zhein asked.

"Cuz, when you fell-"

"Who did that to you?" Jayson asked while he points Zhein's left cheek.


She remained quiet.

"My classmate." She answered with a weak voice.

"Liar." I said.

"I don't know." She answered with a weak voice.

"What?" Jayson asked.

She looks up and say,

"I don't know!" She squeaked while wiping her eyes using her right hand.

"You will make your bruise more worse if you are going to continue to cry." We looked back as we heard a voice.

"Sir..." Zhein said.

"I'll bring you home." the man said.

"Ok..." Zhein replied.

"Wait-" I said.

"Hmm?" The man asked.

"We are still talking about something." I said.

"Ah. You can chat while we are walking towards my car. It's... pretty far."

"No." Annie said.

"If you want I will bring you back here. We will pass this school anyway."

Nagtinginan kami nila Annie at Jayson.


"Let's go." I said.

"Okay... If that's what you want." Annie agreed.

"It would be more nice if we don't go." Jayson said.

"But majority wins Jayson."


"Okay." I said to the man.


At last, we are here infront of the car. About Zhein, I don't talk to her a lot. We just did one question, one answer. Oh  I asked her a lot that has no connections to the cap. But I feel that she will tell me soon when she's ready.

The man opens the door near the driver's seat. I only realize now that we followed a stranger and we will enter a car. I think...

No. I trust them.

The man enters the car and sits on the driver's seat. Zhein opens the door for us. Oh her name is not Zhein. She said I should call her Cy. Why did she doesn't want to tell her whole name?

"Wait a minute." the man said.

So that's why Zhe--- Cy let the door open.

After a minute...

"Its ok now." the man said.

I was going to close it but Cy preceded. I just put my hand down.

"Leave it to me." Cy said.

Then she closed it.

"Wait, I think I forgot something." said the man that immediately go outside and shut the door of the car.

She went to Cy and it's like... he is speaking to her.

"Annie!" Jayson shouted.

I turn aside.

"What?" Annie asked.

"Dodge........" Jayson's words faded and fell to Annie.

"What........" Annie's words cutted and lost consciousness.

What is happenning? Is it wrong that I trusted him? Them?

I felt an ant's bite near my feet. I was going to reach my hand at my feet to remove it when

my vision starts to dim...

Bottle of Stories (41) [Tagalog]

"Hawak ko lang talaga kanina yon eh." pagmamatigas ni Rey

"Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh." sabi ni Annie na parang alam na alam niya na mangyayari iyon.

"Kung hindi ka lang sana nanuntok Jayson eh. Di ko sana nabitawan nung natumba si Zhein." Pagpapalusot ni Rey.

"Bakit hindi ka kasi umilag?" pagtatanong ni  Jayson na may halong pang-iinsulto.

"Tama na! Balikan na lang natin baka nandun pa yun!" Ang sabi ni Annie sa dalawa.


Rey "Di ko makita."

Annie "Ako rin."

Jayson "Hindi na tayo makakabalik."

Annie "Baka may nakapulot na nun..."

Rey "Baka nakita ni Zhein."

Annie "Sino ba yun?"

Rey "Yung babae kanina. Yung sinuntok ni Jayson."

Annie "Grabe ka Jayson nanuntok ka ng babae. Nagkapasa kaya."

Jayson "Hindi ko siya sinuntok. Humarang siya."

Annie "Ha?"

Rey "Oo nga 'no. Sinadya niya saluhin yung suntok. Diba nga saktong-sakto sa pisngi niya."

Annie "Weh?"

Jayson "Tsk." (Mas mabilis pa siya kaysa sa akin. Mapipigilan ko pa sana ang kamao ko ng bigla- nakakinis)

Rey "At di lang yon, masaya pa siya na nasuntok siya."

Annie "Baka bal!w."

Rey "..."

Rey "Asan na kaya siya."

??? "Hinahanap mo ba yung babae kanina?"?

Tumango si Rey.

??? "Bumalik siya sa loob ng school. Ma-luha-luha nga siyang naglakad pabalik eh."


??? "Lagot kayo."

Annie "Hali ka na Rey."

Rey "May nakita kang takip dito?"

??? "Anong takip?"

Pinakita ni Rey ang bote.

??? "Ay wala. Ang liit naman niyan."

Rey "Ah. Sige salamat."

Tumawid sila.

Rey "Hintayin natin siya lumabas."

Jayson "Tapos hihingi ako ng tawad kahit siya naman ang may kasalanan?"

Rey "Wala tayong magagawa. Siya lang ang nakausap ko ng mga oras na hawak ko yung takip. Malay mo napulot niya nung nabitawan ko."

Annie "Basta ikaw ang kuma-usap sa kanya."


Rey's point of view.

Andito kami ngayon nakaupo sa tabi ng mga halaman. Mga ilang minuto na rin ang nakalipas pero 'di ko pa rin nakikita sa Zhein. Bakit sinabi ng kuya kanina maluha-luha siya bumalik sa school? Diba masaya siya na nasapak siya? Baka tears of joy...

"Huy!" sabay tapik ni Annie sa balikat ko.

Nagulat naman ako.

"Haha, nagulat." pang-aasar ni Annie.

"Hindi kaya." sagot ko.

"Paano mo nalaman na hindi tayo makakabalik sa lugar ko?" tanong ni Jayson sa akin.


Feeling ko lang kasi... May napanood kasi ako sa TV. Na kahit anong gawin nila kung saan-saan lang sila nakapunta pero hindi na nila nababalikan yung tapos na nilang puntahan. Pero nakakabalik sa isang lugar...

Haay. Hindi ko alam! Di naman ako nanonood nun, nasasaktuhan ko lang na nakabukas yung TV habang naglilinis si Ate.

"Rey! Diba siya yon?" turo ni Annie.

Lumingon naman ako.

Si Zhein!

"Zhein!" Tawag ko kasi naglalakad na siya palayo.

Hindi siya huminto sa paglalakad. Patuloy lang siya maglakad.

Tumakbo ako palapit sa kanya at tinapik ko ang balikat niya gaya ng una ko siyang nakita at sinabi,


Nagulat siya at lumingon siya sa akin agad.

Iba na ang itsura niya kaysa sa una kaming nagkita. May hawak siyang plastic (yelo ang nasa loob) na nakabalot sa panyo na pinapatong niya sa kaliwa niyang pisngi.

"A-ako ba yung tinatawag mo?" Tanong niya na nauutal pa.

"Oo." Sagot ko.

"Ma-magkakilala b-ba t-tayo?" mas nauutal niyang tanong sa akin.

"Huh? May amnesia ka ba? Kanina lang tayo nagkita nakalimutan mo na agad?"

Nagulat si Zhein sa sinabi ko.

Tumalikod siya sa akin at sinabi,

"Hindi ako yun."

Hindi ako naniniwala-

Hinila ni Jayson ang kanang braso ni Zhein "Sandali, kinakausap ka pa namin."

Humarap si Zhein at binitawan naman ni Jayson ang braso niya.

"Nasaan ang takip." Tanong ni Jayson.

"Ano?" Tanong pabalik ni Zhein.

"Takip." Sagot ni Annie.

"Anong takip?" Tanong ulit ni Zhein.

"Takip ng bote?" Sabi ni Annie.

"Ha?" Pagtatanong niya ulit na parang hindi niya narinig ang sinabi ni Annie.

"Takip ng bote. Binge!" Naasar kong sagot.

"Haha. Ewan ko." Natatawa niyang sagot.

"Yung totoo." Paninigurado ko.

"Hindi ko nga alam. Bakit niyo ba sa akin hinahanap?" Tanong ni Zhein.

"Kasi nga nung na-"

"Sinong may gawa niyan sayo?" Tanong ni Jayson habang tinuturo ang kaliwang pisngi ni Zhein.


Napatahimik siya.

"Kaklase ko." Mahina niyang sagot.

"Sinungaling." Sabi ko.

"Hindi ko alam." Mahina niyang sagot.

"Ano?" Tanong ni Jayson.

Tumingala si Zhein at sinabi,

"Hindi ko nga alam!" Napipiyok niyang sagot habang pinupunasan ang mata niya gamit ang kanan niyang kamay.

"Mas lalala yang pasa mo kung iiyak ka pa." Napalingon kaming lahat sa narinig namin nsa likod ang isang boses.

"Sir..." Sabi ni Zhein.

"Hatid na kita sa bahay niyo." Ang sabi ng lalaki na nagsalita kanina.

"Sige..." Sagot ni Zhein.

"Teka-" pahabol ko.

"Hmm?" Tanong ng lalaki.

"May pinag-uusapan pa kami." Sabi ko.

"Aah. Pwede naman kayong mag-usap habang naglalakad tayo papunta sa kotse ko. Medyo malayo kasi yun dito eh."

"Wag na lang po." Sagot ni Annie.

"Kung gusto niyo hahatid ko kayo pabalik dito. Madadaanan naman tong school."

We look at each other.


"Sama tayo." Sabi ko

"Sige... Kung yan ang gusto mo." Sabi ni Annie.

"Mas maganda kung hindi tayo sasama." Sabi ni Jayson.

"Pero majority wins Jayson."


"Sige sasama kami." Sabi ko sa lalaki.


Sa wakas, nandito na kami sa harap ng kotse. Kay Zhein naman, hindi ko siya masyado nakausap. Isang tanong isang sagot lang ginawa namin. Ay marami pala ako tinanong sa kanya na walang kinalaman sa nawawalang takip. Pero, feeling ko na sasabihin din niya sa akin pag handa na siya.

Binuksan ng lalaki ang pinto sa harapan ng kotse. Ngayon ko lang na realize na sumama kami sa hindi namin kakilala tapos sasakay pa kami ng kotse. Parang...

Ay hindi. May tiwala ako sa kanila.

Pumasok sa loob ang lalaki at umupo sa driver's seat. Pinagbuksan naman kami ni Zhein. Ay hindi daw Zhein pangalan niya. Sabi niya tawagin ko daw siyang Cy. Bakit ayaw niya sabihin yung buo niyang pangalan?

"Wait lang, pasingawin muna natin." sabi ng lalaki.

Kaya pala iniwan lang ni Zhe--- Cy nakabukas ang pinto.

Matapos ang ilang minuto...

"Ok na." sabi ng lalaki.

Sasaraduhin ko na sana ang pinto ng maunahan ako ni Cy. Ibinaba ko na lang ang kamay ko.

"Ako na." sabi ni Cy.

At sinarado niya ang pinto.

"Teka, may nakalimutan ako sa labas." sabi ng lalaki na dali-daling lumabas at sinarado ang pinto.

Pinuntahan niya si Cy at parang kinausap niya ito.

"Annie!" sigaw ni Jayson.

Napalingon naman ako.

"Oh?" tanong ni Annie.

"Umi........" naputol ang salita ni Jayson at natumba kay Annie.

"Ano........" naputol ang salita ni Annie at nawalan ng malay.

Anong nangyayari? Mali ba ang desisyon ko na nagtiwala ako sa kanya? Kanila?

Nakaramdam ako ng kagat ng langgam sa banda paahan ko. Kakapain ko pa sana para tanggalin 'yon pero-

unti-unti dumilim ang paningin ko...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bottle of Stories (40)

Rey's point of view

"Where am I?" I asked. Shoot! It's impossible she will answer my question. I look so dumb!

"You are infront of the school named De Castro College." she answered.

"Ahh th-"

"in Bulacan, San Jose Del Monte city." she added.

Thank you. You let me finished talking. wait-

"Do I said it wrong?" she asked.

"Not really." I answered that makes her smile.

"Are you looking at my back for a long time?" she asked again.

"No." I answered.

"Good." and she smiles again.

You are doing something suspicious are you? haha

"What are they doing?" she said while pointing at Annie and Jayson.

Is "What are they doing?" really needed? Oh no. I know it. I know now... She is not innocent.

She walks towards Annie and Jayson. I followed her.

"He is sweating." She said.

"Rey, help me." Annie said to me.

The student put her bag in her front and took her water container. She give it to me.

"Here, this might help." she said.

I open the container.


I grin and suddenly throw the water right on Jayson's face.

"AAH!" Annie's surprised reaction


"Woah you wake him up! I didn't expect that! Is this how treat people who is dehydrated?" She asked.

"Huh?" I don't know... She was like, really amazed on what I've done... or... maybe she is being sarcastic...

"I learned something today. Thank you." She said to me.

Is she being sarcastic?

"Grrr.." Oh no he's mad.

Jayson stands up... If he'll punch me... No. He can't. He's still dizzy. I can dodge it quickly.

Jayson step his left foot and prepared his fist.

Ha! He won't hit me!

But... the student suddenly blocked herself and the punch landed straight to her left cheek.

She lose her control on her feet and fall towards me making me fall on to the ground too.

"Ouch!" I cried after being bumped by this girl.

The students around starts to look at us. Well, if you saw a boy hit a girl,

"You deserve that too. You are helping Rey to trick me." Jayson said to the student.

I pushed her back so she and I will be able to stand.

I stand. She too.

"This is the first time I was punched in my whole life. I'm very happy. So this is how it feels." She said.

And blood drips from her mouth. Then she smiled.

Ok... This is really weird. I saw it in my two eyes she intended to be hit in the face.

"Grrr... Whatever." and he walks out.

"Wait!" Annie shouted at Jayson. She runs toward Jayson but stops. She approach the student.

She give her handkerchief to the student before continuing to catch up to Jayson.

The student only look at the handkerchief in her hand.

It is so obvious she doesn't know what to do with it.

Ah! Why me?! If she didn't blocked, no one will be hit(ten).. This is annoying.

I walk towards her. I take the handkerchief in her hand. I wipe the blood near from her chin, straight to covering her mouth.

Her smile is creepy. There is nothing to smile about. Why is she smiling?


She shakes her head.

After that, she only wave her hand at me.

I want to know her name before I leave.

"Your name?"

She look at her ID but there is a paper inside covering it. She get her phone from her pocket and type something before showing it to me.


I took the phone and type:

Rey is my name

And I look at the phone a little bit.

After that, I ran away. Annie and Jayson leave me. Eh I need to chase them.

"Heey! Wait for me!"


Jayson stop walking.

Rey and Annie stop walking too.

"Where are we?" Annie asked.

"Bulacan. She said." Rey answered.

"Idiot." Jayson referred Rey.

Rey reacts on how Jayson refers him.

"You are still calling me idiot!?" He madly asked.

"You said earlier that we will return IMMEDIATELY once we arrive on a wrong place." Jayson said.

"Ah..." Rey look at his right hand where he is holding the-


"WHAT?" Annie shouted.

"Really an idiot." Jayson stated.

Bottle of Stories (40) [Tagalog]

Rey's point of view

"Nasaan ba ako?" tanong ko. Impossible sagutin niya yung tanong ko. Para akong bal!w!

"Andito ka ngayon sa harap ng De Castro College." sagot niya.

"Ah sa-"

"Bulacan, San Jose Del Monte city." dagdag niya.

Salamat. Pinatapos mo akong magsalita. teka-

"Mali ba yung pagkasabi ko?" tanong niya.

"Hindi naman." sagot ko na ikinangiti naman niya.

"Kanina ka pa ba diyan sa likod ko?" tanong niya ulit.

"Hindi."sagot ko.

"Mabuti naman." at ngumiti ulit ito sa akin.

May ginagawa kang kababalaghan no? haha

"Ano ang ginagawa nila?" tanong niya habang tinuturo sila Annie at Jayson.

Ginagawa talaga? Sabi ko na nga ba eh. Alam na... Hindi na siya inosente.

Naglakad siya papalapit kina Annie at Jayson. Sumunod naman ako.

"Pinagpapawisan siya." sabi nito.

"Tulungan mo ako Rey." sabi sa akin ni Annie.

Nilagay ng estudyante yung bag sa harap niya at kinuha ang lalagayanan niya ng tubig. Binigay niya ito sa akin.

"Eto, maaring makatulong 'to." sabi niya.

Binuksan ko ang tubigan.


Napangiti ako at bigla kong binuhos sa mukha ni Jayson ang tubig.

"AAH!" Sigaw ni Annie.


"Nagising siya! Hindi ko inaasahan yung ah! Ganito mo ba ginagamot ang mga taong dehydrated?" tanong niya.

"Huh?" 'di ko alam... parang manghang-mangha siya sa ginawa ko... o baka nakikipagplastikan lang siya...

"May natutunan akong ngayong araw na 'to. Salamat." sabi niya sa akin.

Nakikipagplastikan ba siya?

"Grrrr.." naku pikon na.

Tumayo si Jayson... Kung susuntukin niya ako, di niya kaya. Nahihilo pa siya eh. Mabilis lang ako makaka-ilag.

Hinakbang ni Jayson ang kaliwa niyang paa at bumuelo.

Ha! Dukling to!

Pero... Biglang humarang yung estudyante at saktong sakto sa kaliwa niyang pisngi ang suntok ni Jayson.

Na out of balance ito at napatumba ito sa akin kaya natumba rin ako. Natabunan ako ng babae na'to.

"Aray!" sigaw ko ng matabunan ako ng babaeng ito.

Nagtinginan ang mga estudyate sa'min. Ikaw ba naman makakita ng lalaking nanapak ng babae eh.

"Mabuti na rin yan sayo. Pinagtutulungan niyo ako ni Rey." sabi ni Jayson sa estudyante.

Tinulak ko ang likod nito para makatayo na siya at makatayo na rin ako.

Tumayo na ako at siya naman ang sumunod.

"Ngayon lang ako nasuntok sa buong buhay ko. Napakasaya ko. Ganito pala ang pakiramdam." Sabi niya.

Tumulo ang dugo sa bibig nito. Ngumiti na naman siya.

Ok... iba na to. Kitang kita ng dalawang mata ko na sinadya niyang patamaan ang mukha niya.

"Grrr... Bahala kayo." At nag walk out na si Jayson.

"Sandali!" Sigaw ni Annie kay Jayson. Hinabol niya si Jayson pero huminto. Pinuntahan niya ang estudyante.

Binigay ni Annie ang panyo niya sa babae bago sinundan si Jayson.

Tinitigan lang ng babae ang panyo ni Annie na hawak-hawak niya.

Halatang-halata na hindi niya alam ang gagawin niya.

Ah! Kailangan ako pa?! Kung hindi naman siya humarang eh wala namang matatamaan sa amin dalawa... Kaasar.

Lumapit ako sa kanya. Kinuha ko ang panyo sa kamay niya. Pinunasan ko ang tumulong dugo sa bibig niya diretso takip sa bibig niya.

Nakakatakot na kasi yung pagngiti niya. Wala naman dapat ikangiti, bakit siya ngumingiti?


Ginamit niya ang ulo niya para sumagot.

Hindi siya sumang-ayon. Kinaway niya ang kaliwa niyang kamay sa akin.

Gusto ko malaman ang pangalan niya bago ako umalis.

"Pangalan mo?"

Tiningnan niya ang ID niya pero may nakaharang na papel dito. Kinuha niya ang phone niya sa bulsa at may ginawa muna siya bago niya ito pinakita sa kin.


Kinuha ko ang phone niya at t-nype ko ang ang mga salitang...

Rey ang pangalan ko

At may tiningnan ako saglit

Pagkatapos nun ay tumakbo na ako paalis. Iniwan na ako nila Annie at Jayson eh. Hahabulin ko pa sila.

"Hoooy! Hintayin niyo ko!"


Huminto sa paglalakad si Jayson.

Huminto rin naman sina Rey at Annie

"Nasaan na ba tayo?" Tanong ni Annie.

"Asa Bulacan daw." sagot ni Rey.

"Hangal." tawag ni Jayson kay Rey.

Agad namang sumagot si Rey sa sinabi ni Jayson.

"Tinatawag mo pa rin akong hangal hanggang ngayon?!" Galit na tanong ni Rey.

"Banggit mo kanina na tayo'y babalik AGAD kapag hindi sa lugar ko tayo naparoon." Sabi ni Jayson.

"Ah..." tiningnan niya ang kanan niyang kamay kung saan hawak niya-


"ANO?!" Gulat na sigaw ni Annie

"Hangal talaga" Sabi ni Jayson.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bottle of Stories (39)

Rey, Annie and Jayson are singing:

“A-B-C-D-E-F-G. H-I-J-K-LMNOP. Q-R-S. T-U-V. W-X. Y-Z.”

“(*Sigh)… Singing again and again makes me tired. I'll do my assignment.” and Rey returns to his seat.

Annie and Jayson stayed to the place they are sitting.

“Let's continue to what are we doing yesterday. Where are we… We are in letter K. Ka… Ke… Ki… Ko… Ku…” Annie said.

Because Annie and Jayson are busy, they didn't notice that there is someone coming near to them. It proceeded to Jayson's back and prepared it's hand.

It touched Jayson's hair. Jayson stops speaking the syllables.

“What are you do-“

“You're hair is soft… and it's thin…” He continue touching. “What do you use? This is my first time to t- OUCH!” He screamed after the girl pinch him.

“Stop it! The person is studying!” and she look at Jayson.

“Hello. My name is Shermaine. Please pardon Ryan for interfering. Haha.” then she looks back at Ryan "Our teacher is here let's go." she pull Ryan until they reach the front seats.

“Ryan is always like that, I was surprised too when he suddenly start touching my hair." Annie said to Jayson with a annoyed face.

“Later.” Annie returns to her seat beside Rey.


Break Time…

“Let's eat the food that mom made me bring.” Annie invited.

“What's that?” Rey asked.

“Bread with peanut butter.” Annie answered.

“Why are you eating near my seat?” Jayson asked.

“So we can eat together!” Rey answered.

“I'm not hungry!”

“OK I'll just eat yours.” Rey bragged. He is going to eat the bread.

“No! Mom said that I should give it to Jayson." Annie pulled Rey's hand. Rey hardened his arms so Annie won't be able to pull his hand. When Annie let go, Rey's hand go straight to his necklace making his hand bump to the bottle.


“Karma.” Annie said.

“Grr... It's annoying I can't even remove this thing.” and Rey get the bottle under his uniform so they can see it.

“You can't still remove it? Even if you use scissor?” Annie asked.

“No it can't.” and at the same time, he bite the bread. Rey give his bread to Jayson. It is still wrapped and not reduced.

After eating...

"I know how I can go back. Just need to remove the cap of the bottle, I can already return." Jayson stated.

"How did you know?" Rey asked.

"You already know it but why you only said it now?" Annie added.

Jayson remembered that he followed Rey and Annie when they are going to depart. He wants to know how they can go home with just putting back the cap to the bottle but he did not expect that he'll be included.

"It will be hard for you to go back." Jayson answered.

"Of course not. I'll hold the cap tightly haha." Rey joked.

"Do you really want me to return?" Jayson asked with a trace of sadness on the words he just said. No matter how hard he tries it, its obvious that he is sad.

"NO!" they both shouted.

"I'm scared to open the bottle again." Annie said.

"Looks like you're enjoying here. It is really nice to be here haha." Rey said.

"But... I feel like... It won't be easy to go back." Rey added.

"How can you say." Jayson said seriously.

"I don't know. I want to try (english) it first so I'll be able to know if I was right." Rey answered seriously too.

"What?" Jayson asked.

"I want to try(tagalog) it first to see if I was right." Rey repeated but now he sound like a poet.

"How will you try?" Jayson asked again.

"I'll open the bottle." Rey said while holding the bottle that is hanged on his neck.

"NO! I'M NOT READY!" Annie cried.

"HAHA. Okay. Let's do it after the class." Rey said taking back what he said a while ago.

"WHAT?! NO!" Annie cried, trying to explain that it is not what she meant to say.

"Hahahahaha" Rey laughed.


The students are starting to leave. Rey, Annie and Jayson are the only ones who is left in the room.

They are standing at the corner of the room, carrying their bags.

"I don't want to. What if we won't be able to return?" Annie said .

"Trust me." Rey said bravely to Annie.

"Ok... Can I be the one to open it? Because... You might let go the cap." Annie said.

"Alright." Rey agreed to Annie so she will stop worrying.

Annie hold the bottle in her left hand while the cap on her right hand. He pulled the cap but it didn't open. She pull it full force but she didn't notice that she is pulling Rey's neck.

"Oooooooouch! Stop now!" Rey cried.

"Then I'll be the one to open it." Jayson said.

 Jayson tries to open the bottle but...

"I.. c-..can't.. brea... ath..." Rey said even he is running out of breath.

Jayson let go the bottle.


"I'll open it. I'll hold it carefully. Promise. If we don't arrive at Jayson's place, we'll return immediately." Rey explained.

"Fine. Stop talking now and open it" Jayson said.

And Rey opens...


Rey's point of view

It's like... the surrounding is spinning. I closed my eyes so I won't be able to feel dizziness. A fast movement, I hold the cap tightly on my right hand.

I opened my eyes...


I wake up at the back of the tricycle.

I try to stand up even my body feels weak. When I feel that I'm okay, what I saw is a big school and students going out. The others have phone too.

Phone? Phone... that means...

Not in Jayson's place? That means I'm right...

"Looks... like...-

I look at my back. It's Jayson...

 we don't... e-... ven... leave... places..." Jayson forced to say this words. That's when he lost consciousness.

"Hey... Are you alright?" Annie said to Jayson that is still on the floor.

I lift my head and I saw a student that is facing the cliff. I can't said it is a cliff because when you fall, it is not deep. The student is looking at its hand. What is that? I don't know because all I can see is her back... So I walk forward.

I tap her arm. She is not surprised nor reacted. Oh no, I think I tap her hard.

She put her phone at her pocket before facing me...

and she smiled.

She is only smiling. Is she waiting for what I'am going to say?