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Bottle of Stories (50)

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Jayson bought Rey and Annie at the parking lot. They are pretty far from the entrance of the mall because of running that happened.

The man wearing a head stopped at the lady wearing a dress that is obvious that she waited on that place from the start.

"Help us." She released her needle from her bracelet. There is a thread connected on the needle and Rey, Annie and Jayson can't see it from their position.

Jayson hold the small thing on his pocket. The thing he used a while ago when he fought the gun holder. He wants to be ready for possible surprise attack because he felt that the two persons in front are not ordinary people.

"One," said lady who sew even there's no cloth. "Two, th..." her words were stuck on her throat when she saw a two man not far off the road. "Let's leave."

The two mounted the motorcycle and the man drove it away.

Justine and Dan arrived.

"Who are you chasing?" asked Justine.

"Do you know that?" Dan added.

"Chasing?" Annie asked with a confused look on her face.

"We're just following Jayson. Right?" Rey said waiting for a response from Jayson.

Jayson didn't answer. Neither move on his standing point.

"Jayson?" Rey tapped Jayson's shoulder.

He turned his head and looked at him. "Where are they?" asked Jayson.

"Who?" asked Rey.

Jayson was angry because he didn't answer his question. "Are you an idiot or are you doing it on a purpose?"

"Who is it?" he repeated.

"He's the one who gave the paper to Annie!" shouted Jayson.

"What? No one gave this to me! It's..."

"Annie! Stop," Rey interupted.

Annie covered her mouth using her hands.

That's when Cy arrived and she immediately caught the attention of Justine. "I have something to tell you." she said.

"What's your problem?" asked Rey. He's not looking for answer or anything. He just wanted revenge from how Jayson acted.

Jayson took a deep breath. He prevented his emotion from going out. He turned his back because he's really annoyed on how Rey is behaving. He repeated what he did previously to know where the man went. But he didn't felt the same existence who have two kinds of strength. "Tsk, he escaped."

"Is it the one who's riding a motorcycle?" Rey calmly asked.

"Why are you pretending you don't know anything? You are ones who wanted to talk to the guy." he answered angrily.

"How can we understand if you're always angry?" Rey shouted.

Jayson pushed Rey. I'm helping and you have the guts to be mad about it?

Rey hit the floor hard.

Annie and Dan helped Rey to get up.

"Heh, if you want chase them then go ahead. You're this guy who's still standing even they are leaving," Rey teased.

"That's enough!" said Dan.

Justine took the paper from Annie and rip it into pieces. "Let's go. Time will be wasted if we don't move on."


"Here are the things you sent." The girl put down the bags of Rey, Annie and Jayson.

"You can leave now," said Justine and the girl followed it.

They are the only customers inside the fast food chain. Dan is buying at the cashier. Rey, Annie and Jayson are sitting at the long chair that is facing Cy and Justine. They are divided by the table where the bags are placed.

Rey pulled the bag at the corner. Their eyes met but Jayson is the first one who looked away.

Annie is speechless because she didn't know how she can fix their issues.

"Ahm... I want to say sorry. From what happened to you." Cy joined her palms as if she was praying. "Just don't tell us to the police."

"No-no." Rey shook his head.

"They might hear you," Justine whispered.

"Bribe more," Cy sarcastically whispered back.

"We're fine, we just really need the cap," Rey explained.

"Oh, I forgot to ask Zhein. Why did you not tell?" asked Cy.

Rey laughed while scratching his head. Many things happened.

"Wait." Cy texted George.

"On the skirt," said Cy like she's talking to herself. "At home." She stood up because she thought that she needs to get it immediately. In this way, she can compensate to the people who got involved on the mess she got into.

"Where are you going?" asked Dan when he saw Cy walking away.

Cy stopped. "I'll leave for a minute," she said before running away. "I shall return!"

"She'll not come back to you," said Justine.

"Huh?" Dan was confused with Justine's words. Bitter. What the f... he thought.

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Bottle of Stories (49)

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The air conditioners gave an artificial coldness at the mall where they went to. The glossy floor caught their shoes but remained unnoticed even it got dirty.

"The smell here inside is different from outside. A combination of food aroma. and fragrant smell coming from that stall." Jayson pointed the perfume stall.

"Yeah, it's the same from last Tuesday. It's just, somehow small here," said Rey.

"It looks like there are more people here," Annie added.

Cy poked Dan using his elbow. "He sounds like Sir Justine."

"Justine would prefer sweet. Not fragrant," Dan explained.

Cy and Dan stopped when they saw Justine that are walking toward their direction. So Rey, Annie and Jayson did the same.

"Sir Justine!" Cy shouted making people looked at them.

Justine walked faster towards Cy. When he's infront of her, he use his nail to hit her forehead.


"Can't you feel shame?"

"How about you? Can't you speak without hurting others feelings?

They stare at each other.

A man wearing headphone tapped Annie's shoulders while others are not looking. He gave a leaflet before leaving.

Annie unfolded it and her eyes widened after reading. "Rey." She presented the paper she's holding.

Rey noticed the handwritten note so he took the paper from Annie. "Always open the bottle. Days that will pass, will result for more dangerous place that you're going to. Failure to do so will experience misfortune."

"Its from the guy a minute ago. I thought he's advertising but, this is really for us." Annie turned her head from left to right.

"Where?" asked Rey.

Jayson heard their conversation. Using his skill to sense the strength of every creature, he traced all the people around him. Whether they can be seen or not. Whether they are near or far.

"We might know something from him," said Rey

Jayson dashed. Following the direction where they come from a while ago.


Rey and Annie chased Jayson.

Dan noticed that they started running so he tried his best to stop Cy and Justine from arguing.

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Bottle of Stories

On a normal school day, their teacher bought a small bottle and told them that it has a curse. If the bottle was opened, something bad will happen. All of the grade 6 students don't believe their teacher except Rey. Together with his friend Annie, they will uncover the truths behind the bottle.

Genre: Adventure

Status: On-going


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I've notice that I always post between this time 20:00 - 3:00 Pacific daylight time. PDT is different from our time here in Philippines so I've been doing conversion on what is the true date I post. I always post on Fridays and rarely on Saturdays. (I don't post on Thursdays; excited much?) So what you saw on the list are the date in the Philippines when I post the chapter. I just prefer our time here why I'm making this so long?😆

Bottle of Stories (48)

Read Tagalog version here

Not too big, not to small. The room where waiting is a duty. Everywhere they look, there's a monitor. Even if they don't know the meaning of the things appearing on the screen, they are puzzled on the gloomy vibes it gives.

Minutes passed, Cy is still talking to Zhein.
"I want to disappear. Help me."

"I don’t know. I-I can’t."

"I don’t want anymore. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete."
Zhein continued saying delete and the people on the room noticed it.

George becomes alarmed so he immediately faced his monitor and started tapping the keyboard.

"Mr. George! What’s happening to Zhein?" Dan asked worriedly.

"Shut up! I don’t know what’s happening to her. But I need to disconnect Zhein before it gets worse."

Rey and Annie felt pity for Cy. Jayson still don’t know what’s happening.
"I don’t care if they died because of you!"

"They’re sure mad at me. I’m the one who should disappear."

"There’s nothing we can do if they’re dead. Maybe it’s time for Lord to take them and no one can stop it."

"There’s no evidence that He’s real."

"But it's still not your fault."

"I don’t want anymore. I don’t want you to disappear too because of me."

"If you don’t want me to disappear, I don’t want you to disappear too."

"You don’t want me to disappear."

"Yeah. You’ve become part of my life. And the people surround you. If you’re gone, we’ll be sad. So stop saying you want to disappear because it hurts. I felt that, you care more for the people who are gone than us who are still alive.
Cy’s tears started to fall. At the same time, she stopped talking.

"Thanks," said George with a relief. "Dan, the one you’ll talk to is Cyril. Call her like how Justine calls her." He approached Cy who is sleeping deeply and poke her softly until she woke up.

George stay away from the bed and that’s when Dan walks near it.

"Cy," said Dan.

Cy rose up and sat down. "You already know?" she asked sadly.

Dan sat down beside her but they don’t look at each other.

Dan suddenly hugged Cy and cried. "That’s why your behavior changes frequently. I’m such a worse friend to not notice it. I’m so sorry Cy, if I always look for Zhein instead of you."

Cy hugged back and started to cry too. "I thought you will get mad because I did not tell you."

"What a bunch of crybabies. Right Annie?" said Rey and looked at her. "You’re crying too?"

Annie wiped her tears using her hands. "That's real friendship," said Annie.

Rey looked at Jayson hoping that he's crying too but failed.

Jayson can't move an inch from his position. From the day he lose his twin and his parents died, all he thought about is how he's going to avenge them. He thought that it's the right thing to do but what about the people who took care of him? Jayson doesn't know what's right anymore because of the words he heard from Cy. But there's one thing he learned from this day. Embrace the people who's still there because they also care for you even if they don't show it or show it.

I want to see them and say, thank you, for staying by my side.

"Boo!" said as Rey put his make face in front of Jayson. "The daydreaming Jayson. Well, that's new."


"The hot-headed Jayson. Classic."


George raised his left hand. "Take care."

"Of course," said Cy in respond.

Cy pulled the car's door and sat beside Dan.

"Where are we going now?" asked Rey.

"Mall," said Cy.

"That's where we going to meet Justine," Dan added.

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Bottle of Stories (47)

Read Tagalog version here

"...That's why she's acting different today."

"Justine messaged me that I should explain it to you," said George. "All the information you'll hear are classified so don’t ever try to tell others."

"Of course," said Dan.

"I trust you. But I don't trust your alien companions," said George.

"Alien?" asked Rey

"Because we don't have info right?" said Annie.

"Ahh," said Rey.

"Even Facebook?" asked Dan to them.

"I have," answered Annie.

"I don’t," answered Rey.

"Facebook?" asked Jayson in return.

"Listen to me first," said George with a trace of annoyance on his face. "Zhein is an A.I. that I founded year 2012. I don’t originally make her but she agreed to be modified in exchange of finding her creator. Later on, someone discovered her and bought her from me. The buyer collaborated with bigger organization. I can’t tell you their goals but, that was the organization idea to fuse an A.I. and human."

"They did a human experimentation on Cy to become Zhein. Ahh, I understand it now. But... ah nevermind," said Annie.

"Close enough. You don’t need to think hard about what I said. Zhein is an A.I and Cy is a container," sabi ni Annie.

"You forced Cy to do--"

"Haha you make it sound like we’re evil. She was not forced. She was the one who volunteered," he cutted on what Rey was going to say.

"She too...

"...hides secrets," said Dan.

"If she didn’t enter this, she’ll not suffer," said George.

"She always take part on others problems," added Dan.

"He’s right. So kids, don’t enter on a mess if you don’t want to be included. Choose wisely when finding someone to be friends with," said George.

Rey at Annie cannot answer back to him. Jayson noticed their reactions so he decided to counter George words.

"I don’t need your opinion," said Jayson. "I’ll do what I think are right and no one can change how I view my life."

"You’re the same as her," said Dan.

"You have a point," said George. "But can you still hold your words if all of the people abandoned you?"


Even if they don’t completely know Jayson, they are amazed on the word he just said. It mirrors what he did when they first met; Jayson helped Rey and Annie so they can’t be captured because of attempt of spying.

"Where is she?" asked Dan.

"Under ground," he said.

"Underground again," said Annie with a disappointment.

"I want to see her," said Dan.

George stopped like he was thinking of something.

"Follow me," said George.

George bought them on a small ladder going down. When they reach the last step, they saw many monitors and cables. At the middle is a small bed where Cy lies, talking to herself.

Dan tried to dash toward the place where she’s lying but George restrained him.

"What are you going to do?" asked George.

"What are you doing to her?" He struggled to be free.

"Stop! If their exchange was interrupted, she’ll have the same fate that past Zheins has!" He shouted back. "She’s going to die."

Dan calmed down and didn’t complain anymore.

All they can do for now is to wait.

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Bottle of Stories (46)

Read Tagalog version here

"Annie, when you chased Jayson."


"Zhein showed me her phone because he put her name there. After I put my name, I look at the time and date."

"What did you saw?"


"August 19, 2016."

"2016?!" Annie shouted in surprise.

Everyone looked at Annie.

"Yeah, expensive right?" Rey chuckled.

Annie thought that she was going to be ashamed. Thanks to Rey she was saved.

"Let's go," Dan said.

"Wait, can you explain what's happening? Why did you kidnapped us? For what?" Rey asked to Justine because he still can't believe that a teacher and a student can do such a thing.

"Because we want to," he said.

"What? No way," said Cy.

"Then explain it to them, Cy," said Justine before he go inside his car.

"Cy? Is that you?" Dan asked to Jayson.

"Tsk, my name is Jayson," he said.


While moving, Dan decided to chat with them while driving. Cy's is pretty okay and she is not panting now.

"So you're Rey... Annie... Jayson..." Dan said while pointing them one by one. "Cy? Is that your surname?"

"She is-"

"Rey, don't tell him," said Cy,

"Just tell it, like you always do," said Dan.

"You'll learn about it once we reach Mr. George," said Cy. "I'm scared."

"But why did you kidnap us?" Rey asked.

"Sometimes, I don't know what's going on Justine's head," said Dan but they ignored him.

"The truth is, I'm the one who planned to kidnap you," said Cy.


They were all surprised except Jayson who's dizzy in his seat.

"Wait! Let me explain. When we were walking, Zhein is looking for information about you so when you ride the car, we already know where we'll bring you. We need to do that so we can avoid the possible route where his enemies might appear.

"But there's none. Zhein didn't found anything about you. So when Sir Justine put you to sleep I thought he did that to give Zhein more time. So I helped him."

"You talk like you're not Zhein," said Dan.

"I'm not Zhein!"

Everyone become silent.

"After that, Justine said, he's going to give you to the organization." Cy continued.

"What organization?" Dan asked.

"Later. I did not agree on what he said. Of course, what if your parents become worried? That you're suddenly gone? I can't let them experiment you. So I made a plan so you can go home without the organization knowing."

"So you really did not intend to hurt us," said Rey.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"What happened?! My plan is almost perfect but it become a mess. A blackout, then what?" said Cy.

"You don't remember?" asked Rey.

"No," she answered. "Answer me honestly. Did Sir said something or I'm just dreaming?"

Should I say it or not?

I think it would be better if not. Rey thought.

"Yes. He said something," said Annie.

Rey crossed his hands and shook his head. "Wrong move," he whispered to Annie.

The car that they are riding stopped.

"I'll go first," said Cy. She go outside and go straight to the house beside where they parked their car.

Dan remove his seatbelt. "Wake up your friend."

Annie tapped Jayson. "Wake up, we're here."

"He's going to threw up. Ran away," he teased before he opened the door.

Seems like his suspicion was right because when he turned his head, what he saw is Annie having her uniform so wet.

"Sorry," said Jayson.

Annie didn't answer back.

Annie was given a T-shirt and shorts by the man named George.

"That clothes is from my younger brother. He's big now that's why it's not used. It's yours now," said George. "Don't worry, it still looks new."

Annie nodded.

"Thank you." Rey said.

"Mr. George, let me get this straight," said Dan. "You did something to Zhein..."

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Bottle of Stories (45)

Read Tagalog version here

What they saw behind those iron doors, are adults. There are many of them. As many people you can see in a fast food chain but instead of trays, the workers are holding blueprints. The people are wearing the same polo shirt that Justine wears.

They stepped outside the elevator but the people who are wearing uniforms didn't bother to look at them.

This place looks like our faculty room in school. Annie thought. But this is wider.

Rey noticed that there are windows now. Its dawn but the people are already busy in their seats infront of their tables and the others are walking to and fro.

"I can't take it..."

Annie looked at Cy.



The sound makes Rey looked at his back. He saw Cy lying on the floor. Catching her breath with a pale skin.

Annie was concerned on what she saw so she approached her. She rolled her and pushed her back so she can breathe easily.

"What hurts?" Annie asked.

Cy's tears starts to fall while looking at Annie's eyes. She puts her right hand at her heart like singing national anthem.

"Anything else?" Annie asked.

"Head," Cy answered with a trembling voice.

"How?" Annie asked herself. "Help! Help us!" She shouted weakly. Some people turned their heads to her but they didn't do anything.

Rey can't do anything. He looked around. But there's no one. There's no one willing to help his friends. The actions of the people around him makes him angry.


He putted all his energy on that cry. And at last, they all stopped because of surprise that there are children on their office.

"Zhein!" Others shouted. They approached them.

Others just watched them.

"Are you okay?" Said the girl who is wearing a ponytail before she put her palm at Cy's forehead.

"Why are you holding a gun?" The man said and took the gun from her.

"Of course, it's Justine. You know that guy is crazy. Even kids get included on his doings." The curly-haired woman said.

"No... For self defense," Cy said even its hard for her.

Rey and Annie thought. Is that really the reason? A question that only Justine can answer.

"You? What happened? You're with her right? Where did you come from?" The other guy asked.

"Below! There are two guys holding a gun, and they are fighting our friend and that Sir." Rey said because he saw what happened when she went to Zhein.

The guy who took Zhein's gun went near the elevator. He pushed the button beside it.

"Let's bring her to the hospital." Annie said to the people who are surrounding them.

Zhein shook her head. "No..."

"No way," said the curly-haired woman.

"It's not allowed," the same man added.

"Why?" Rey asked but no one answered.

Minutes passed and the elevator still won't open so the guy holding the gun cursed.

"You always do everything on your own!" He shouted angrily at the elevator.

The door opened. What they saw are Jayson hand combing his hair and Justine carrying the two mysterious man. They come out and all the eyes was pinned on them.

"Why did you not asked for help? Don't you know that we're worried?" The man scolded to Justine.

"We don't really care, if something happens to you," said the curly-haired woman to Justine.

"I agree," the man added.

"The kids are affected. What if something bad happens?" Said the pony-tailed girl.

"Do not pretend to be a good person," said Jayson.

"Huh?" The curly-haired woman almost want to punch Jayson.

"He's right." The woman was stunned because of what Justine said. "Let's go, you two also," he said to Jayson, Annie and Rey.

Jayson followed him so Annie and Rey have no choice to do the same.

"And you," said Justine to the man who's holding the gun. "Carry Zhein."

"Yes!" He answered.

The people surrounding Cy should have stop them but they remembered that one of them is holding a gun so they didn't continue.

"That's what I don't like from you. You'll not do it unless it was said to you." He carried Cy on his back before he left.


Even there's no guarantee it's safe, they followed the two adults. They brought them infront of the building where they came from.

Rey looked at it. The building has two floors because of the four rows of windows that can see from the outside.

"Bring them to George." Justine said while walking towards his car.

"You have no respect. How do you teach your students good manners?" The man said.

"What I teach are TLE and Computer subjects. I'm not a Values teacher to teach them good manners," he said while putting the two man at the backseat.

"But it's your duty as a teacher," said the man.

"Nevermind him Dan, you always..." Cy whispered.

"I know, I always point everything," said Dan.

"You sound like gay," said Cy without consideration.

"I'm a guy!" He shouted making the birds fly from the electric wires.

What just happened is funny. But, it did not change the fact that they don't know what will happen next.