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Bottle of Stories (45)

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What they saw behind those iron doors, are adults. There are many of them. As many people you can see in a fast food chain but instead of trays, the workers are holding blueprints. The people are wearing the same polo shirt that Justine wears.

They stepped outside the elevator but the people who are wearing uniforms didn't bother to look at them.

This place looks like our faculty room in school. Annie thought. But this is wider.

Rey noticed that there are windows now. Its dawn but the people are already busy in their seats infront of their tables and the others are walking to and fro.

"I can't take it..."

Annie looked at Cy.



The sound makes Rey looked at his back. He saw Cy lying on the floor. Catching her breath with a pale skin.

Annie was concerned on what she saw so she approached her. She rolled her and pushed her back so she can breathe easily.

"What hurts?" Annie asked.

Cy's tears starts to fall while looking at Annie's eyes. She puts her right hand at her heart like singing national anthem.

"Anything else?" Annie asked.

"Head," Cy answered with a trembling voice.

"How?" Annie asked herself. "Help! Help us!" She shouted weakly. Some people turned their heads to her but they didn't do anything.

Rey can't do anything. He looked around. But there's no one. There's no one willing to help his friends. The actions of the people around him makes him angry.


He putted all his energy on that cry. And at last, they all stopped because of surprise that there are children on their office.

"Zhein!" Others shouted. They approached them.

Others just watched them.

"Are you okay?" Said the girl who is wearing a ponytail before she put her palm at Cy's forehead.

"Why are you holding a gun?" The man said and took the gun from her.

"Of course, it's Justine. You know that guy is crazy. Even kids get included on his doings." The curly-haired woman said.

"No... For self defense," Cy said even its hard for her.

Rey and Annie thought. Is that really the reason? A question that only Justine can answer.

"You? What happened? You're with her right? Where did you come from?" The other guy asked.

"Below! There are two guys holding a gun, and they are fighting our friend and that Sir." Rey said because he saw what happened when she went to Zhein.

The guy who took Zhein's gun went near the elevator. He pushed the button beside it.

"Let's bring her to the hospital." Annie said to the people who are surrounding them.

Zhein shook her head. "No..."

"No way," said the curly-haired woman.

"It's not allowed," the same man added.

"Why?" Rey asked but no one answered.

Minutes passed and the elevator still won't open so the guy holding the gun cursed.

"You always do everything on your own!" He shouted angrily at the elevator.

The door opened. What they saw are Jayson hand combing his hair and Justine carrying the two mysterious man. They come out and all the eyes was pinned on them.

"Why did you not asked for help? Don't you know that we're worried?" The man scolded to Justine.

"We don't really care, if something happens to you," said the curly-haired woman to Justine.

"I agree," the man added.

"The kids are affected. What if something bad happens?" Said the pony-tailed girl.

"Do not pretend to be a good person," said Jayson.

"Huh?" The curly-haired woman almost want to punch Jayson.

"He's right." The woman was stunned because of what Justine said. "Let's go, you two also," he said to Jayson, Annie and Rey.

Jayson followed him so Annie and Rey have no choice to do the same.

"And you," said Justine to the man who's holding the gun. "Carry Zhein."

"Yes!" He answered.

The people surrounding Cy should have stop them but they remembered that one of them is holding a gun so they didn't continue.

"That's what I don't like from you. You'll not do it unless it was said to you." He carried Cy on his back before he left.


Even there's no guarantee it's safe, they followed the two adults. They brought them infront of the building where they came from.

Rey looked at it. The building has two floors because of the four rows of windows that can see from the outside.

"Bring them to George." Justine said while walking towards his car.

"You have no respect. How do you teach your students good manners?" The man said.

"What I teach are TLE and Computer subjects. I'm not a Values teacher to teach them good manners," he said while putting the two man at the backseat.

"But it's your duty as a teacher," said the man.

"Nevermind him Dan, you always..." Cy whispered.

"I know, I always point everything," said Dan.

"You sound like gay," said Cy without consideration.

"I'm a guy!" He shouted making the birds fly from the electric wires.

What just happened is funny. But, it did not change the fact that they don't know what will happen next.

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Bottle of Stories (44)

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"Do you remember what I said?" Rey asked.

Annie is confused. "What is it?"

"I will defend you." Rey boasted.

Annie's memories returned to her. The days when Rey defended her from the people who hurt her.

She realized from those days that Rey saved her, she doesn't need to worry. Because, he always proved that his words are true.

"Unless if it's dark," Rey said.

or not.

"Where's Jayson?" He asked.

They looked around. They didn't saw Jayson.

Rey come close to the door and Annie followed him. He hold Annie's hand and opened the door.

What they saw is Jayson walking towards left.

"You just suddenly vanished," Rey said.

"Shh. Look at the other side," Jayson said.

They obeyed Jayson's command.

Rey and Annie looked. They saw the two standing at the end of the hallway. Annie noticed the gun that the man was holding.

"GU—" Rey covered her mouth before she can speak. If they make a noise, the two will notice them.

"Be quiet so we can hear them," Rey said.

Annie decided to not look and only listen. However, Rey decided to watch what's happening.

"Do you know why your friend left you? I mean your creator?" Rey and Annie are both confused.

Creator? God? No, it's far from that. Rey thought.

Creator? Did her friend created him to be called creator? Annie thought.

"You can't answer because you don't know. Or maybe, you are finding the answer on the internet?"

Rey scratched his head. She doesn't even holding a phone.

Maybe, she's a... No, it can't be. Annie cut her thoughts.

"As your friend, I will tell you.

"You're a type of person who will do anything that people tell you.

"So what you said earlier, I think, you only blame others the things that you did."

Earlier? There is a lot of lives that is sacrificed to improve me. The lives that are wasted because of your greed. So I'm here to give justice to their deaths. That means she killed someone? Or she is the reason why they died? No. She can't. Rey thought.

What did she said earlier? I should ask Rey. Annie thought.

"You did it to me. It's not far that you did the same to your former 'friends'.

"You're creator realized that this will happen. That's why he/she abandoned you.

"You're just lucky someone adopt you.

"Those people you want to give justice, they died because of you. If you didn't exist, all of this will not happen..

"You are the one who needs to disappear."

"That's too much," Annie whispered.

Rey didn't respond. I still don't get what's going on. Is the guy did the gunshot earlier? Why does Zhein looks more guilty? She doesn't even answer? He thought.

"He gave his gun to Zhein," he whispered back.

Annie is so surprised that she almost shouted "what". She looked again so she can see what's happening.

Justine raised his both hands that symbolizes "surrender". He knew that two guns are pointing at him in both direction.

Zhein did not move even Justine is smiling at her.

Tap tap tap tap

The sound from Jayson's shoes as he run towards the guy who holds a gun. The guy turned around.

"Ugh!" He cried as Jayson gave a solid uppercut on him.

It catched the attention of Justine, Zhein and the guy who also holds a gun.

The guy didn't lose his balance from the impact. He kicked Jayson as an counter attack.

Jayson flew and bumped the wall.

The other one who holds a gun talked. "Don't underestimate my comrade."

Jayson kneeled. He took something from his pocket. A nailcutter.

The guy pointed his gun at him.

The nailcutter's small knife at its back was ready. Jayson used his powers to strengthen it. So when he struck the gun, it split in to two.

"And don't underestimate my companion," Justine said. He walk closer to the guy while his hands are still in static. "What? Don't tell me your gun is fake."


Justine kicked the gun of the guy so the one that get shot is the ceiling.

"Zhein! Leave," Justine said but Zhein didn't obey him.

Rey run into her and pulled her hand. But Zhein resisted.

She picked her bracelet and wore it first before she let herself to be pulled by him.

Rey run so fast that Zhein almost stumbled at the back. When he passed Annie, she also joined them.

"Where are we going? What about Jayson." Annie asked.

Rey didn't answer because he seems to be deep in thought.

They stopped in front of the elevator.

Annie looked for a button, but what she found is a small square mirror and numeric keypad.

Rey turned around. "Zhein."

Zhein pantted but she is still out of her mind.

"Can you open it? I don't know how to operate that."

"We need to enter a pin. And this one is a finger scanner. Aha! We can use her hand. Maybe it will work."

Rey took Zhein's left hand. "Maybe there will be no explosion if we're wrong. Or an alarm that will call the--"

"Rey hurry up!"

"There's so many! Is it the pointer finger? What?"

"The... the thumb!"

Rey immediately took Zhein's thumb and stick it to the small mirror. The door opened automatically. They go inside and the door automatically closed.

Rey and Annie sighed.

"Oh no! There should be a button here."

"Then how are we going to get out of here?"

"You're wrong. We need buttons here so we can identify what floor we are going to."

"Ahh. So it will be a pure chance where this elevator will bring us. We are going up though."

"Lord, I hope there's no gun anymore."

The door opened and they were surprised on what they saw.

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dCornYdude's UST Chest


The chest that contain USTs made by your corniest dude. It is used for the program called UTAU. Learn more about UTAU here.


Download links:

Baton Road (TV Size) - Kana boon
-Boruto: The Next Generation 1st opening

Peace Sign (TV Size) - Kenshi Yonezu
-Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia Season 2 1st opening

Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (TV Size) - Linked Horizon (dj-Jo Remix)
-Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 2 opening


Please don't forget to credit the original owner of the song

Credit me as dCornYdude when UST was used to make a cover.

Please don't redistribute and claim it as yours.

Thank you.


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Bottle of Stories (43)

Read Tagalog version here


Rey: "Okay."

Rey whispered to Annie.

Rey: "Hot headed."

Annie: "He surpassed Jayson."

Rey: "Haha you're right. High five!"

Rey: "What time is it?"

Annie: "Zhein said it's morning."

Rey: "Yeah. But it's not obvious."

Annie: "Why?"

Rey: "Are you not curious?"

Annie: "I said why?"

Rey: "There are no windows here."

Annie and Jayson looked around.

Annie: "You're right."

Jayson: "Because mirrors are expensive."

Rey: "I know but, it seems that the guy can afford to buy a window because, he threw his phone right?"

Annie: "And phone might be more expensive."

Rey: "If it's already morning, there should be light even a little when the blackout happened."

Rey remebered the time he chased Zhein because it was all dark.

Jayson: "They put as to sleep so they can imprison us."

Annie: "You mean they kidnapped us?"

Rey: "How about Cy?"

Jayson: "Her friend did this."

Annie: "Rey."

Annie is scared of what might happen to them. Because now, it's different. They are lucky before because Jayson immediately helped them when they went to their world. For Annie, they can no longer find help in this situation.

Jayson: "But they don't have plans to hurt us."

Rey: "How can you say?"

Jayson: "He said it to me."

Rey: "The guy before?"

Jayson: "Yes."

Rey: "Why did they kidnapped us?"

Jayson remained quiet.

Rey: "Why did they kidnapped us?"

Jayson: "What are you saring?!"

Rey slapped his forehead when he realized that Jayson can't understand him.

Meanwhile, the man who left the room where the 3 are staying, proceeded to the room beside the room where Zhein is. He took the toy car with antenna and it's controller.

He went out of the room. He didn't rushed to Zhein's room instead, he stayed outside beside the door and implemented the plan.

Annie: "But I'm sure that's a gun shot because I already heard that before."

Rey: "Do you remember what I said to you?"

They didn't notice that Jayson left so he can see what's happening outside.

Justine: "I should be asking you that."

Bottle of Stories (43) Pictures

Their dialogue is slightly changed in the story. Read from left to right. At the lower part are the events that haven't been shown in the BoS (43).

You can read it of course!

Zhein: (You really put a phone to this toy.)

Zhein: "Sir Justine, I know it's you."

Justine: My suspicion is correct. There are two people inside including Zhein. Zhein is ordered to say that so They'll think that I'm neglecting my job.

Justine: "I don't have any weapons but I'm sure her companion has."

Justine: "There she is."

Justine: "Zhein—"

Justine: "Huh" (I'm wrong?)

Annie: "AHH!"

Jayson: "Tsk."

Annie: "That's a gun right? That's a gun shot right? Let's hide"

Jayson: "A gun huh?"

Rey: "We are not yet sure that's a gun shot right? Maybe something heavy just fell..."

Rey: "So please calm down."

Annie: "But..."

Zhein: (I can't escape.)

Justine: "Why don't you shoot."

Justine: (She have run out of bullets.) Edited

Zhein: "Are you not scared?"

Justine: "I should be asking you that."

I don't...

feel anything.

I pointed the gun to Sir Justine. At one pull, this is finish.

Sir Justine...

Sir Justine...

He always protect me.

Zhein: "Yehey!"

Zhein: "Why it's gone?"

Justine: "Look at your hand."

Justine: "Thank you."

I don't want Sir Justine to die.

Everything I thought always ends up the opposite. I have never been wrong continuously. What are you? Zhein... THIS IS ANNOYING THIS IS ANNOYING If Zhein didn't daydream, I'm dead now. What really happened? I can't accept this. I will not accept that I'll lose to Zhein.

Why do I have to choose? I don't want Sir Justine to die. I don't want Cy to die. Help me. I will die? Where can I find the answer? I'm scared I'm scared scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm I'm I'm I'm? I'm I don't feel

Justine: "I regret that I become kind to you. Two months have passed."

Justine: "I will tell you something. And I want you to be the only one who'll hear it."

Justine: "Good."

Rey: "You suddenly left."

Jayson: "Shh"

Jayson: "Look at the other side."

Annie: "Why?"

Annie: "Is that..."

Annie: "AAH

Rey: "Quiet."

Rey: "So we can hear it."

Justine: "Do you know why your friend left you?"

Justine: "I mean your creator?"


Justine: "You can't answer because you don't know."

Justine: "Or you are finding the answer on the internet?"

Justine: "As your friend, I will tell you."

Justine: "You're a type of person who will do anything that people tell you."

Justine: "Even if the life of others will be the cost."

Justine: "So what you said earlier,"

Justine: "Their lives are sacrificed so your lives will be the exchange." (This dialogue is different in BoS (42))

Justine: "I think you are only putting the blame on others but the truth is, it's your fault."

Justine: "You did it to me."

Justine: "It's not far that you did the same to your former 'friends'."

Justine: "You're creator realized that this will happen that's why he/she abandoned you."

Justine: "You're just lucky someone adopt you."

Justine: "Those people you want to give justice, they died because of you."

Justine: "If you didn't exist, all of this will not happen."

Justine: "You are the one who needs to disappear."

Annie: "That's too much."

Rey: (I don't know who's right.)

Rey: "He gave the gun to Zhein."

Annie: "What?"